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    • Finance_boi
    • North Carolina restaurant serving up 'tarantula burger.' If you eat the entire burger, you get a free t-shirt.
      Posted 04/17/2018 10:35 AM
    • DURHAM, N.C. (WSET) - For whatever reason, a Durham, N.C. restaurant is serving up a burger that would make anyone with arachnophobia scream.Bull City Burger and Brewery is serving up the "tarantula burger."They said it's for Exotic Meat Month, but the onl

      DURHAM, N.C. (WSET) - For whatever reason, a Durham, N.C. restaurant is serving up a burger that would make anyone with arachnophobia scream.

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    • Florida police: Irate customer tosses hot pizza at restaurant owner
      Posted 03/10/2018 06:04 PM
    • DELTONA, Fla (WTHR) - A Florida woman faces a battery charge after police say she threw hot pizza at employees of a Deltona restaurant.

      Leslie Vermilio, 61, was apparently unhappy when one of two pizzas came out without all the toppings she had ordered.

      Giuseppine Frigolino was working behind the counter at I Love New York Pizza, a store she has owned for 15 years.

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    • Finance_boi
    • This Pop-Up Restaurant Asks Whites To Pay More... This is laughable... I would gladly visit, then SHIT on the floor...
      Posted 03/02/2018 10:27 AM
    • ;ahaa;

      As part of a month-long "social experiment," a pop-up restaurant in New Orleans is asking white customers to pay extra for their meal in the name of wealth redistribution.

      According to Civil Eats, the pop-up called Saartj gives white customers - and only white customers - the option to pay "$12 for lunch or the suggested price of $30" while black customers are "charged $12 and also given the option to collect the $18 paid by a white patron as a way to redistribute wealth."

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    • Restaurant owner charged after cocaine found in cheese sticks order
      Posted 02/01/2018 05:53 PM
    • Police have released surveillance video of a northwest Indiana restaurant owner arrested for allegedly dealing drugs by hiding cocaine in an order of cheese sticks.

      Carrie DeMoff, the owner of Broad Street Gyros in Griffith, is accused of attempting to deal cocaine out of her restaurant after an incident in November in which a customer found cocaine in her cheese sticks order.

      Police say the video appears to show DeMoff putting what was later found be cocaine into a take-out container. That container was then given to the wrong customer by mistake.

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    • Bloomberg Boi
    • Guy Fieri closing his flagship restaurant in NYC
      Posted 12/31/2017 02:26 PM
    • Guy's American Kitchen and Bar on Times Square will close on Dec. 31, which means that starting next year, professional critics and the Yelp army alike will have to find a new target to skewer in New York City. Guy Fieri -- Food Network star, restaurateur, celebrity punching bag -- will officially remove Flavor Town from Manhattan on Jan. 1, focusing his efforts in smaller, perhaps more hospitable markets.

      During its brief, bloated and misbegotten existence, Guy's American (its motto: "Welcome to Flavor Town!") may have been the most mocked restaurant in the country. It started shortly after the place debuted on Sept. 10, 2012. The following day, a Yelper tore into Fieri's three-story, 15,600-square-foot homage to cars, rock-and-roll and America's right to consume unholy amounts of Donkey Sauce:

      "Food was poorly made," the punctuation-averse critic wrote on Yelp, "service was bad and the atmosphere was like a frat party at the lamest frat youve ever seen."

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    • Finance_Boi
    • Immigrant Who Named His Restaurant "Illegal Tacos": 'I know it's risky'
      Posted 12/13/2017 11:08 AM
    • When thinking up a name for his taco shop at Broad and Lombard Streets in Center City, Florian Furxhiu checked the political winds.

      And so the sign for Illegal Tacos went up Monday, about two weeks before the opening. It's the former Bain's Deli.

      "I wanted to come up with a name that's catchy," said Furxhiu, 32, who emigrated from Albania in 2000. "Some people may be offended, but really, I'm an immigrant, too." He paused and added: "I know it's risky." Alternatively, Furxhiu also extends the meaning to the food - "so authentic, it's illegal."

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    • Finance_Boi
    • Charlotte Social Justice Warriors Protest Restaurant's "Border Patrol Scramble" Dish For Being "Racist".... MAGA!
      Posted 10/31/2017 12:21 PM
    • Beaners are going to Bean!

      CHARLOTTE, NC (Jane Wester/Charlotte Observer) -

      Though the Charlotte-based restaurant Bad Daddy's Burger Bar is best known for burgers and milkshakes, it's a breakfast item that attracted criticism this weekend.

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    • Finance_Boi
    • I posted this last week; but, it keeps getting better... CA Restaurant Admits It's Been Serving Popeyes Chicken for Months!
      Posted 10/23/2017 09:59 AM
    • :lol:

      It began with a Yelp review.

      On October 7, a Yelp user who goes by the name "Tyler H." posted a one-star review of Sweet Dixie Kitchen, a restaurant in Long Beach, California that boasts a menu of biscuits and gravy, sweet potato hash, salmon Benedicts, Frito pies, and bread pudding.

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    • Finance_Boi
    • California restaurant 'proudly' serves Popeye's chicken as its own, charges $13.Where is the outrage?
      Posted 10/19/2017 10:28 AM
    • ;ahaa;

      A popular Long Beach, Calif., breakfast spot has found itself in the middle of a fried chicken controversy after a Yelp reviewer attacked the restaurant for using Popeyes chicken and passing it off as their own.

      Sweet Dixie Kitchen, a small restaurant specializing in comfort food with a Southern influence, was called out by Yelp user Tyler H., of Los Angeles, who claimed in his review, "Before my friends and I got seated [at the restaurant] we saw them quickly bring in two large boxes of Popeyes to the kitchen."

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    • Finance_Boi
    • Oh NO $15/hr Dreamers... Burger-Flipping Robot Taking Over In 50 Fast Food Restaurants
      Posted 09/13/2017 01:48 PM
    • CBS Local - As fast food employees across the U.S. continue to protest for higher wages, a California chain restaurant has decided to hire a new staff member that works for free. The competition for the company's low-wage workers: a burger-flipping robot named "Flippy."

      CaliBurger has announced they will be installing the high-tech replacement in 50 of their locations around the world. "Flippy," the robotic kitchen assistant, was created by a California startup company called Miso Robotics and is expected to roll out in 2018.

      "We are excited about the impact Miso's AI-based solutions will have for the restaurant industry," Miso's David Zito said. The CEO added that their creation will likely push workers out of their current jobs.

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    • Finance_Boi
    • Restaurant caught preparing food on ground next to dumpster...
      Posted 08/29/2017 09:42 AM
    • ;lolol;

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    • These are the new top restaurants in America. Euros and Californians furious.
      Posted 07/27/2017 03:37 AM
    • Move over Chick-fil-A - there are some new chicks on the block.

      Zaxby's and Raising Cane's are two of the fastest growing chains in the entire restaurant industry. Zaxby's grew 13.3% in 2016, reaching $1.6 billion in annual sales and earning the 8th spot in Nation's Restaurant New's list of fastest growing chains. Raising Cane's took the No. 1 spot, increased sales by a whopping 25.9% in 2016 to reach $640.5 million.

      Both chains are children of the '90s - millennial chains, if you will, with Zaxby's opening in 1990 and Raising Cane's opening in 1996. Now they're giving the rulers of the roost, like KFC, Chick-fil-A, and Popeyes, a run for their money.

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    • Ghosty Dick
    • Detroit restaurant under fire for 'sexually suggestive' message on uniforms
      Posted 07/22/2017 05:54 AM
    • Sizable behinds :lol:

      Bucharest Grill was outfitting its female employees in leggings featuring the words "We Deliver" on the back.
      A small shawarma chain in Detroit is taking some heat for its "sexually suggestive" uniforms, but the owner claims he never intended for the clothes to be so provocative.

      The female employees of Bucharest Grill, which just opened its fourth location in Detroit, had been outfitted in yoga pants leggings with the phrase "We Deliver" written across their backsides. This didn't sit well local businesswoman Jerroll Sanders during a recent visit, prompting her to take her complaints to the owner.

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    • Finance_Boi
    • Bill Murray opening Caddyshack-themed restaurant near his hometown of Rosemont, Illinois.
      Posted 07/10/2017 10:10 AM
    • Bill Murray is bringing Caddyshack to his hometown, at least nearby where he grew up and in restaurant and bar form. Murray Bros. Caddyshack will be opening later this year in the village of Rosemont, which is just outside of Chicago and adjacent to O'Hare Airport. Murray and his siblings were reared on the North Shore of Chicago in suburban Wilmette. He and his five brothers (Andy, Brian Doyle, Ed, Johnny and Joel) opened the restaurant's first location at the World Golf Village in St. Augustine, FL, in 2001.
      15 Best Movie Stoners of All Time

      From Cheech and Chong to the Dude, the pantheon of screen potheads

      Bill's older brother Brian Doyle-Murray wrote the classic movie, which stars Bill as Carl Spackler, the loveably messed-up greenskeeper who's in constant hot pursuit of an elusive, mischievous gopher. Brian found inspiration for the film when he worked as a caddy at Indian Hill Club in Winnetka. Its flagship restaurant and bar in Florida pays homage to its namesake, with a golf-themed menu that includes crispy potato golf balls, salads aptly listed under "the greens" and items from "the front nine" and "the back nine."

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    • Finance_Boi
    • Baltimore Restaurant Owner Says 30 Employees Left Due To ICE Crackdown... Umm DUDE THATS ON YOU AS AN OWNER!
      Posted 06/27/2017 11:16 AM

      The owner of one of Canton's most popular waterfront restaurants, The Boathouse, says more than 30 immigrant workers left in fear after a Department of Homeland Security worker hand-delivered a letter demanding documentation of their immigration status.

      That stunned the eatery's customers.

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    • .
    • Bahram Javaherian placed camera in women's restroom of his restaurant, arrested for child porn
      Posted 05/10/2017 03:18 PM
    • Bahram Javaherian

      WHO is letting all these CRIMINAL foreigners into the country? :rolleyes: Oh yeah, Obama, Jews and Leftists.

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    • Restaurants: The next front for the immigration debate?
      Posted 01/26/2017 10:47 PM
    • CHICAGO - The national debate over immigration policy could be coming to a diner near you.

      From down-home delis to franchise fast-food outlets to upscale bistros, dozens of restaurants nationwide
      are seeking "sanctuary status", a designation owners hope will help protect employees in an immigrant-heavy
      industry and tone down fiery rhetoric sparked by the presidential campaign. First inspired by
      churches, the label is something cities and other public entities have sought to offer local protections
      to immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, whether it's barring police from asking citizens
      about immigration status or refusing to cooperate with federal agents. Roughly 80 restaurants are
      participating thusfar in locations including New York, Minneapolis, Detroit, Boston,
      Oakland, Calif., and Ann Arbor, Mich.

      The restaurants agree to anti-discrimination policies, put up signs on windows that pronounce
      their sanctuary status and receive know-your-rights training, such as webinars on how to
      ask federal immigration agents for proper paperwork if there's an attempted raid. Some will
      also offer a hotline for customers or employees to report any incidents of harassment.

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    • Chinese restaurant accused of serving human feet to diners in Italy
      Posted 01/14/2017 09:20 AM
    • A Chinese restaurant has been accused of serving human feet after a waiter posted a gruesome picture - allegedly taken in its kitchen - on social media.

      The grim photo shows what looks like two severed and partially decomposed human feet in a blue bowl.

      It surfaced after a diner from Slovenia went with friends to a restaurant in Padua, in northern Italy and asked for the Chinese delicacy of bear paws

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    • Finance_Boi
    • Missing 5 Year Old Girl found "Concealed" inside families Chinese Restaurant; WHAT?
      Posted 01/10/2017 10:23 PM
    • :coathanger:

      JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio-- Almost 24 hours after a 5-year-old girl was last seen inside her family's restaurant, Ang's Asian Cuisine on Portage Street NW in Jackson Township, she was found dead inside.

      According to a press release from Jackson Township police, it was determined that the child, Ashley Zhao, was found "deceased and concealed inside the building" on Tuesday.

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    • Columbus, OHIO - Police officer served sadnwich with shard of glass in it at restaurant
      Posted 07/19/2016 05:02 PM
    • "Ohio Policeman Served Sandwich Containing Shards of Glass
      07/19/2016 1:47:15 PM PDT

      COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Police in Ohio's capital city say an officer was served a sandwich containing glass shards at a restaurant, and an assault squad is investigating whether it was intentional. The Columbus officer cut his mouth after biting into the sandwich served to him at a restaurant on Monday afternoon. He was taken to a hospital and held there overnight. ..."


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    • Trololol
    • Bar and restaurant set to open on the side of a Mexican cliff
      Posted 03/13/2016 10:11 PM
    • The Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar is currently just in the planning stages. But, once finished by design studio Tall Arquitectos, it will span two levels. The first floor will have a bar and dining room, with the must-have tables positioned right against the glass edge, so diners can enjoy and unfettered view of the drop below.

      Read more:

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    • Needs2BeSaid
    • 7 random people slaughtered at Michigan Cracker Barrel restaurant parking lot by crazy White guy in a car. WTF?
      Posted 02/21/2016 08:35 AM
    • :wtf: :rant: :mad: I wonder what anti-psychotics this loser was on. He needs to die slowly.

      The gunman killed seven people and wounded another in a rolling crime scene that spanned a 12-mile swath of terror across Kalamazoo, a southwestern Michigan city 130 miles west of Detroit.

      "They had no participation in what led to their not being with us anymore," Kalamazoo Police Chief Jeff Hadley said.

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    • Sheeeeiiitt
    • Chipotle Closing All Restaurants For A Few Hours To Talk To Employees About E. Coli
      Posted 01/15/2016 01:19 AM
    • Chipotle Closing All Restaurants For A Few Hours To Talk To Employees About E. Coli

      After months of being repeatedly kicked in the butt by humiliating outbreaks of E. coli and norovirus outbreaks, Chipotle has decided it's time to take a short breather to sit down with its employees to talk through this recent crisis.

      Last week, we heard chatter on the Chipotle grapevine that stores were being closed for the day on Feb. 8 for some sort of meeting, but that staffers were being given no indication of what might be said. Store closings? Staffing changes? Updates to the menu?
      We reached out to Chipotle for comment at the time and received no response. But today the Wall Street Journal confirms that stores will indeed be temporarily shuttered on Feb. 8, if only for a few hours.

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    • .
    • Manlets pwned. Dwarf and his fiancee go to restaurant. Gets treated like a child.
      Posted 01/09/2016 04:08 AM
    • A 3ft 7in dwarf took his fiancee to a restaurant for a romantic meal - and was handed a children's colouring book and crayons by the waitress when he sat down.

      James Lusted, 26, was on a date with his 5ft 7in fiancee, Chloe Roberts, 20, in their native Cardiff when the waitress picked up two menus... and brought over the crayons and a colouring book.

      The waitress realised she had made a crucial error when James said, 'Thank you,' in a deep, adult voice.

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    • Bloomberg Boi
    • Man hides in restaurant until is closes and makes himself a massive feast
      Posted 12/13/2015 05:54 PM
    • A man allegedly hid in a restaurant until it closed recently so he could steal from it.

      But rather than empty the cash register, this person chose a different kind of loot.

      The man is accused of waiting until all the staff went home and locked the restaurant up, before eating six geese, 13 pounds of goose fat and liver, three ducks and an entire one-gallon jar of pickles.

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