• White nationalists praised Trump for "shithole" comment, saying "it’s obviously all about race"

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      • President Donald Trump’s already infamous “shithole” comment is among several remarks the commander-in-chief has made that have energized white supremacists, rights groups fear.

        Trump made the comment Thursday in the context of asking why America should accept more immigrants from Haiti and Africa—instead of places like Norway—while discussing a bipartisan immigration deal with lawmakers. The remark reinvigorated accusations that Trump is a racist, and it was embraced online by white supremacists David Duke and Richard Spencer.

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      • Re: White nationalists praised Trump for "shithole" comment, saying "it’s obviously all about race"
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      • The SJWs are overplaying their hand and it's backfiring on them. If the President said these things and used those terms--IF--then even the normies hear it and shrug, because it's self-evident truth and a question that should have been asked generations ago. The normies are seeing all the bug-eyed melodramatic hand-wringing and pearl-clutching and rolling their eyes.

        Conversely, if it turns out that, as the President is saying, he said no such thing, then the (((newsmedia))) is slandering him. Again. And the normies are noticing all the lies and fake news. The Jewsmedia lies and lies and lies and lies and lies, and even the normies are starting to notice. What's that I hear? "Shut it down?" Too late, Schlomo. The goyim know.

        It's no-win for the Left.
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