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    • Injuns on war path but hands remain out for txpayer-paid freebies
      if they don't want white people living here maybe they can go back to living in teepees and using stone tools ;woowoo; Native Americans, even the great civilizations of Meso-America and the Andes, were stone age people. This is not to denigrate these people and their achievements, it is simply a statement of fact
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    • What are the better brands of .22 Long Rifle ammunition?
      No, never even seen it.

      I think most guys want CCI because they are so hot, so the hot stuff is what you usually see in the shops.

      The Wolf Match Target velocity is so low I swear you can see the bullet go downrange sometimes.
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    • Lifetime movie query
      There was a show about some crazed whacked out female who had blonde reddish hair and in the show she seemed to act like she looked on the happier side of life, she kidnapes hold hostage of wife's mistress. Newly married. She keeps the mistress upstairs in the attic.

      Show was on after Flowers in the Attic remake on lifetime about two months ago
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    • Are Mixed-Race Marriages OK in Your Book?
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      Yup. Just as I thought, you're not a nigger. Here's some troll-to-troll advice; go to the WorldStarHipHop website, and read the comment section of their videos, then try and emulate how the niggers actually type.
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    • Holy Faggots!
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    • Major League Baseball 2018 - Mods Please Sticky!
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      It can be hard to stay interested in games sometimes seeing how it seems like 50% of the players are foreign born, undrafted, Latin players.

      I take a little more interest watching players born in my home state, or players that have played in a city or town, or an unusual college or university that I know about.
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    • Gonts, French kiss?
      I could suck on that sexy face all night long, and lick every inch of her body.
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    • Thought about visiting "High Tech" Korea?
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      So that's why these noggs want to come here by the A380 load every hour of every day

      They can't even sail a fuckin ferry

      In their own waters

      They drowned 300 of their kids

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    • Just got in from a day at the range
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      Yeah, Tapco: so you don't have to buy Chinee to get shitty stocks.

      I've been thinking about getting a Timbersmith stock (a Tapco sub-brand), but looks like they are sort of disappearing as well.

      Prolly gonna bullpup one of my SKSes someday:

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