• Serious question: You're lying in a foxhole, bullets are whizzing past your head...
      I did serve in a trench. The LAST FUCKING THING anyone is thinking about is sex, or sexual orientation. you're thinking about keeping your head down, winning the firefight, and during other moments, surviving long enough to 'enjoy' the MRE's that you have.

      Sex never entered into it.

      Sad to hear that old Gruntled was eyeing his trench buddies up and thinking they were going to satisfy his urges.
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  • Saint AdolfX
    • Yet ANOTHER illegal alien filth murdering and wasting taxpayer funds
      Hang these scum. Life at HARD LABOR for every citizen assisting illegal scum entrance or to remain inside the USA. Politician scum assisting illegals are fucking TRAITORS!!! HANG THEM FUCKERS AND HANG THEM SLOW!!!!!!

      FUCK THIS SHIT!!!! Coup and military dictatorship. I envision 25,000 well-armed Marines entering San Francisco and round up every traitor for processing. Hang the guilty in a place where the joyous event can be well-televised and the huge crowd can jeer the deserving dying.

      Protestors will be peaceful. Any violence or damaging property will be met with musketry and shot until dead. Protests will be very brief.

      NO MORE CRAP!!!!

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  • GruntledX
    • Does this World War 3 Axis & Allies map look accurate?
      Page: 2

      None of this shit matters in the slightest because of all the countries that have nukes. Size of naval fleet, national population, number of jets, number of troops...who gives a rat's ass? If you have an arsenal of nukes, none of that shit means anything at all.
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  • militiamanX
    • Iraqi troops torture and execute three ISIS fighters in video that has enraged the UN - Graphic
      Page: 2 3 4
      How satisfying. I love that

      Are there anymore videos showing these scum nasty fecal smelling fecal eating maggots getting sprayed and ripped apart by bullets? It makes me happy I love seeing these isis fake muslims getting pumped full of lethal lead. Stinky ass non showering isis scum. Let's see how many virgins they encounter in the afterlife. More like 72 virgin teenage men in hell that died fighting with them. All of them to be united in their hellfire after life crying.
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  • .

      when we send the appropriate sub aubidable tone's littlte kujo's are set free to roambe ;kramer;
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    • > 11/06/2017 08:41 AM : .
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    • BAD NEWS for the beleaguered SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER

      1) Where is MARK POTOK? He was FIRED!

      2) Why did MARK leave the SPLC? He could no longer deal with totally corrupt conman and professional race-baiter MORRIS DEES

      3) Why has the SPLC stopped attacking PRESIDENT TRUMP? "DONATIONS" have reached ROCK-BOTTOM in 2017

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    • Niger Ambush Came After 'Massive Intelligence Failure,' Source Says
      WASHINGTON - A senior congressional aide who has been briefed on the deaths of four U.S. servicemen in Niger says the ambush by militants stemmed in part from a "massive intelligence failure." The Pentagon has said that 40 to 50 militants ambushed a 12-man U.S. force in Niger on Oct. 4, killing four and wounding two. The U.S. patrol was seen as routine and had been carried out nearly 30 times in the six months before the attack, the Pentagon has reported. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/africa/source-niger-attack-resulted-massive-intelligence-failure-n812626

      Where is the sensitivity training when you need it?
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  • DarwinX
    • What would be the best stadium in America for executing liberals?
      You could use the collapsing, abandoned Silverdome in Pontiac Michigan.



      Pack all the liberals in there, and then blow it up.

    • LMEE
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    • > 10/20/2017 06:06 PM : .
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  • LMEE
    • Why don't we just go to War against Islam and end the bullshit now.
      Can't easily just take them all out but we can fight fire with fire. Send hunter killer teams here, there and everywhere.

      A Saudi prince gives money to isis, dead, a rev wright says God damn America, dead. Muzzies in dearborn acting up or even a thought, dead. Any cleric saying kill people, also dead.
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  • CurbstompX
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