• FBI Chief: Everyone's A Little Bit Racist
      Very well put.Obviously well stated thoughts based not in emotion but steeped in history.We need look no farther in past history than Uncle Joe Stalin as Roosevelt named him.Another tyrannt and megalomaniac was Adolph Hitler.Hitler in particular came at a most opportune stage in German history.His ascencion to power due in no small part to the tough economic times and the hypnotic ability he used by projecting through spoken word and misdirection what the people of the bund needed so desperately to hear.
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  • Daniel CarsonX
    • One aspect of class war
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      The framers feared exactly what we have today, a centralized power that amounts to tyranny. They can run any false flag and the people believe it, and the centralized power claims to have the answers to their prayers which is actually more power and money for themselves while eroding any semblance of freedom for people. This centralized power is also subject to hijack, as we have seen in just a few short years, this is now a Communist nation, and more so every day.
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  • GruntledX
    • CHART: America's Prison Population Over the Past 100 Years
      Oh, and yes the prison population is disproportionally black. However, about 69% of the prison population in this country is still scum fuck criminal white guys. Almost twice the number of black people in prison. Clean up your own house white males before you go pointing fingers at everyone else.
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  • das bootX
    • Texas school suspends 9-year-old for making terrorist threats with a "magic" hobbit ring
      "Kids act out movies that they see. When I watched Superman as a kid, I went outside and tried to fly," he said whilst confined to his wheelchair.

      "I assure you my son lacks the magical powers necessary to threaten his friend's existence," he added. "If he did, I'm sure he'd bring him right back."

      Send the terroristic tyke to Guantanamo for a couple of years of attitude adjustment, see how he like Harry Potter after that
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  • Michael MooreX
    • Medical Marijuana Is Coming To Illinois

      Illinois will begin issuing licenses to grow and distribute medical marijuana 18 months after a law was signed legalizing it, Governor Bruce Rauner's general counsel said in a statement on Monday.

      Former Democratic Governor Pat Quinn, who supported medical marijuana, left office in January without issuing licenses for growth and distribution, leaving it to Rauner, a Republican, who asked for a review of the selection process.

      Quinn's administration had prepared lists of possible recipients based on scoring of applications. But Rauner's team's review concluded that some applicants had been disqualified without clear procedures, giving rise to legal liabilities.

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  • Bonita LouiseX
    • Republican candidate for Missouri governor: Supporting unwed mothers leads to accepting child abuse
      Catherine Hanaway needs to better distinguish between women who become pregnant out of wedlock vs. women who become single mothers after the fact due to widowhood or divorce.

      It's the women who become pregnant out of wedlock and either refuse a bonafide offer of marriage or won't put the child up for adoption that I have a problem with. Bristol Palin comes to mind. Instead of accepting Levi Johnson's offer of marriage, she remained single and continues to leech off her mother.
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  • bobbymcgillX
    • Texas Cops Gun Down 17-Year-Old White Girl In Police Station
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      The video of the incident, recorded by a police station camera, contradicts aspects of the police story, while showing the brutal methods used by Derr against the teenager. It also reveals that medical attention did not arrive for nearly six minutes, during which time none of the officers attempted to perform CPR or assist Coignard in any way.

      The video shows that immediately upon entering the police station, Derr reaches to his left side, presumably to have his tazer ready to fire at the teenager. A struggle ensues, and he quickly draws his weapon from the right side of his waist. During the subsequent three minutes when they are alone in the lobby, Derr appears to have his firearm drawn nearly the entire time, pressing it against the back of Coignard's head multiple times. At one point he has her stand up, and then violently slams her to the ground face-first, seemingly unprovoked by any action on her part.
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  • Roxy THCX
    • Falling Gas Tax Revenue Has CA Considering 'Mileage Tax'...
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      Gov Pothead and some of these Connor posters have no idea how people really travel. Connor only imagines single riders, hipsters like himself who live in Boondock and want to go to LA/SF.

      Fact is that the typical vehicle is carrying a Mexican or Apu family: Dad, Mom, 4 small kids, MIL and a niece who is a student catching a ride home. 4 adults and 4 children with suitcases are going to also need a car when they get where they are going. Costs of tickets compared to gasoline for minivan? Prohibitive. The other typical drivers on I-5 or 99 is a salesman with his hanging rack of clothes in the backseat of a sedan, or a farmer/rancher with a truck full of equipment or feed or hatchlings, or a farm family on an outing to the mall or an event, and commerical trucks.

      You can already take Amtrak all the way from pratically Mexico to Canada.

      "Let's build another choo-choo train!"

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  • FranklinJHarshX
    • Florida goat farmer Mitchell Williams supports Obama's amnesty because white people don't buy goats

      The leading immigration court case on President Obama's deportation amnesty has turned into a wild affair - including a Florida goat farmer who insists that cracking down on immigration would be bad for his business because native-born white Americans just don't buy goats.

      In his brief filed with federal Judge Andrew S. Hanen in Brownsville, Texas, Mitchell Williams accuses Republicans of being neo-Nazis, proposes sticking tea party adherents on Indian-like reservations, and says his goat business depends on foreigners who "are much more likely to want to buy a goat for special occasions or feasts than long resident Americans."

      Mr. Williams is one of the more colorful figures to weigh in, but he is by no means the only one to join the showdown, which touches on hefty constitutional issues concerning presidential powers. A ruling could be announced as early as this week and is likely to be issued before Mr. Obama's policy goes into effect Feb. 18.

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    • New York College Student With Measles Boarded Amtrak Train at Penn Station.

      Not really. Most of the people getting the measles are unvaccinated.

      Measles is not and never was "deadly". I asked: my parents, aunts and uncles all had measles, german measles and mumps when they were children. It was just normal back then.

      The whole measles hysteria has to do with the MMR shot for those 3 diseases and when it should be administered to children. I wholeheartedly agree that little babies should nto be getting some 36 vaccinations before age 2 because Big Pharma wants to make money. And the 3-at-once in MMR can be overwhelming to anyone's immune system.

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    • New York birth certificate asks parents if woman giving birth is female

      No, that's not a typo.

      A city Health Department form for new parents requesting birth certificates asks the "woman giving birth" if she's male or female.

      Along with routine questions - mother's maiden name, mother's legal name, mother's Social Security number - is a gender question that has raised a few eyebrows.

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  • Saint Michael BrownX