• DOJ Demands 1.3 Million IP Addresses Of Visitors To Antifa Website Used To Coordinate Riots.
      The Department of Justice has formally requested that web hosting firm 'DreamHost' turn over 1.3 million IP addresses and other information to 'unmask' visitors to the anti-Trump Antifa website ',' as part of the investigation into crimes committed on and around January 20 by protesters. was a central resource for anti-Trump protesters to coordinate various plots over social media intended disrupt the presidential inauguration on and around January 20.

      Of note, organizers Luke Kuhn and Colin Dunn were caught on hidden camera at the infamous Comet Ping Pong Pizza restaurant in Washington DC, where they divulged plans to release butyric acid at the "Deploraball" Inauguration party, as well as "a series of clusterf*ck blockades, blockades of all the major ingress points in the city, shutting down major bridges and highway access points, as well as shutting down metro rail."
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    • Texas A&M cancels 'White Lives Matter' Rally for 9/11
      Did you see how the Portland patriot party ended in death and destruction when antifa and the communists showed up with 2x4s, axe handles and balloons filled with gas? Of course not, because the Portland police were told to enforce the law. So there was a lot of screaming and crying from the commies as they bravely ran away from the cops who were NOT told to stand down. Cops formed walls, pepper sprayed the shit out of the commies, used a billy club or and order was maintained. Isn't it strange how that works?

      Also, ACD is gayer than Liberace's scarf (the cleaning rag).

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    • I don't buy the official Charlottesville narrative for one simple reason - the guy's car was nice.
      I's not like this was a work truck or a cheap vehicle. Yes, it was an older car, but it was still an expensive, cool car with aftermarket work done to it. Obviously he cared about it.

      I can't buy the narrative that he just decided to wreck his car and his life deliberately by saying to himself, "I'm running over all those people today because boy I fucking love Hitler!" Or whatever.

      I've had much cheaper cars that I wouldn't ever consider damaging unless it was a life and death situation.
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    • This just in:__Check your Mega Millions tickets!
      The Illinois Lottery is thrilled to announce it has sold the winning ticket for the largest jackpot in Illinois history in last night's Mega Millions drawing. The winning ticket was a Quick Pick sold at Nick's Barbecue, 12658 South Harlem Avenue in Palos Heights, Illinois. The estimated grand prize is $393 million. The retailer will receive a $500,000 selling bonus.

      The winning numbers in last night's drawing are 23 - 33 - 53 - 56 - 58. The Mega Ball number is 06.

      The Illinois Lottery urges the lucky winner to immediately sign the back of the ticket and keep it in a safe place until they visit one of the Lottery's five Prize Centers in Chicago, Des Plaines, Rockford, Springfield or Fairview Heights. Winners have one year from the original drawing date to claim a prize.

      This jackpot is the fifth largest in Mega Millions history and has an estimated cash value of $246 million. The jackpot began on April 28, 2017 and rolled 30 times.
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    • Sharyl Attkisson:_"Well-funded actors manipulate the news & the way we think."
      FYI - Ms. Attkisson is a very well respected and non-partisan journalist.


      Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson slammed what she called "transactional journalism," calling it "wholly inappropriate."

      "Transactional journalism" refers to inappropriate dealings behind the scenes some journalists have with political actors, said the television host and author of the new book 'The Smear'.

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