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    • When the bitches are out in public, such as a restaurant
      Do two or more of the wenches look at each other in the silent communication method the biddies hone from an early age then one of the dames speaks aloud to the gents they are with saying 'I need to powder my nose" and off to the female defecation and other things room they go.

      Do dames even fuck with powdering their beak anymore? What term(s) do the girls use nowadays or do they merely state the truth and declare the need to piss or shit or puke or whatever or what the fuck do dames do nowadays when declaring a temporary departure to dabble with dame shit?
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  • GruntledX
    • Daddy needed to sate dame's desires
      Looking for a DDLG relationship

      Let me preface this by saying: if you are over 30, I'm not interested. If you respond without a picture, I will not reply. If you do NOT know what ddlg is, I'm not here to teach you - don't ask because I will not respond. I know the difference between a daddy and dom, you can't fool me.

      How this works: we can email and if I feel comfortable we can text. Then we meet in a public setting and see how we vibe. If we vibe well we can go from there.

      About me: I'm usually pretty well behaved and do enjoy spankings. I am about 8 in my little age. I like watching cartoons, coloring, using supplies, and my hair being played with. If our relationship ever reaches a sexual level, you'll be glad you found me.

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      Fuck all churches! You will now idolize me, for I am the Anti-Christ.


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