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    • Dame Dream Career
      Paid to yap on the fucking phone all damn day. Fuck.




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    • Too many fucking hens on Previously.TV Forums
      What's your favorite TV show? Odds are, it has its own sub-forum here: forums.previously.tv/

      It's fun to read the episode discussions, but more than 50% is drivel. Almost all posters are hens.

      Either they are oversensitive and get butthurtzle about something a character said (or how it was said :rolleyes:), or they tell a long story about how they are the same as the character (eg: character hates driving). No one care about you, shut it TV viewer hen.

      I hate most people, especially those who talk too much, usually hens.
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    • > 01/27/2017 07:31 PM : .
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    • Wenches Whine Wantonly

      15 Unbelievably Sexist Adverts From The 1970s

      These magazine ads, via artist Mitch O'Connell, show us the kind of thing feminism was up against.

      And the bitches NEVER gripe about not having equal responsibilities with males. Fuck 'em.
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    • Lady leaves man hanging during a high five.
      Low-quality trollop with no breeding. A slattern of the breed that commonly becomes infected with one or more social diseases and passes them along to lustful desperate males who have no control over their basic biological drives and compete for the disgusting attentions of these harlots.
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    • Legbeards knitting "Pink Pussy Hats" to protest Trump
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      I wonder what they think this accomplishes?

      Trump doesn't give a fuck, he's still going to be president. Trump supporters are just laughing at the idiocy. They'll be on TV for 15 seconds looking like idiots wearing their twat toques.

      Seriously, what do they believe they will have done?
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    • > 01/02/2017 11:01 AM : .
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    • ITT Best Feminist REKT CRINGE compilation

      Check out the hillary supporter at 03:12. Now that's an alpha if I've ever seen one.

      edit shit never mind i was on the video that came on after this one finished
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    • > 12/18/2016 05:28 AM : .
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