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    • OK board members, I've started dating a 42 year old hen
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      When she behaves like a good girl (following the rules), I spoil her... and she will do many pleasant things to thank me.

      When she behaves like a bad girl, I punish her.

      I don't punish her because I like to (that's what I always tell her) but because I want her to be my princess, the best there is, fulfilling her full potential.
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    • Our site
      Brand new site representing hundreds of online models. Come and feast your eyes upon these beauties. :)
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  • homewatchX
    • The most you've won or lost in gambling
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      i've been to vegas about 45 times and come out ahead 43 of them. all but twice.

      early days it was blackjack and card counting in double deck pitch games.

      that disappeared by 2001 or 2002 so i picked up poker.

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  • Special1X
    • How many |free| hours do you have on a work day?
      Depends on my shift. My "commute" is 15 minutes at most. It's actually like 7 minutes but I try to give myself 15 as it only takes one idiot driver to make it longer, like someone that tries to turn left in a stupid place.

      I won't count morning as that is just getting up ready for work, so if I get off at 5, get home by 5:15, normally go to bed at like 11-12 if I work the next day so that gives me a bit over 6 hours. Whatever time it takes to make supper will cut into that of course. I don't really count the hours after 11 though as that is really when I try to go to bed, I just happen to procrastinate and go to bed later most of the time.

      On a 12 hour shift I get home at around 7:15 and really try my best to be in bed by 10 because I also have to get up an hour earlier the next morning, so that gives me only a few hours. I normally don't eat supper when I'm on 12h shifts, I try to take my lunch later instead.

      I prefer working 12 hour shifts though, as the more 12s I work the more full days off I have. I rather have nice long stretches of hours to do stuff than to try to cram it in a few hours after work. That and after a full day of work I don't really feel like doing anything, whether it's 8h or 12h, it's still a full day of work and comes up to the same imo. The act of having to get up early makes me tired for the rest of the day, too.
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  • WhatAboutitX
    • Why do poors eat poorly, fail to budget properly and have no ambition?
      So let's break this down: you're poor, so you desperately need whatever crappy job you can find, and the nature of that crappy job is that you can be fired at any time. Meanwhile, your hours can be cut with no notice, and there's no obligation on the part of your employer to provide severance regardless of why, how or when they let you go. And we wonder why the poor get poorer?
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    • I call them iGen

      Your "payphone" is in your pocket. You're paying $150/month to use a $600 device. Instead of dropping 10¢ into a pay phone when you needed to, and paying $30/month for a landline, and letting the phone company own and maintain the phone equipment.

      (((How))) did that happen?
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  • GruntledX
    • we need another "greatest generation"!
      The Boomers are the new Greatest Generation.

      The Reagan Boom - Greatest Ever

      We Boomers weren't just boomers in population but we were booming in economic growth as well.
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  • Small BlockX
    • How the American upper middle class keeps everyone else out
      WWII jump-started our prosperity, but the resultant middle class sustained it, so long as the rich contributed their fair share in taxes and embraced defensible business ethics. But the Age of Greed, which began in the late 80s, started eroding the middle class.
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  • GentlemanX
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