• Jesus fucking Christ what the fuck is wrong with people? How can anyone even think of doing this?
      well security is not a language and it doesn't translate so if you try to translate it it will be lost before translation. What can we learn from such video? notice it resembles similar videos with similarly charged bioweapons only on 4 legs. Talking about pitbulls on the lose. Plenty of similar surveillance videos featuring pitbulls where they walk around and suddenly get "radicallized" and start targeting other inhabitants of penal colony with shanking of their teeth inside extremely powerful jaws. They are not exactly "hunting" or teaching a lesson unless you consider education by example where good target is dead target. It's as if they are acting like janitors. It's as if they are entrusted with license to kill.
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      so the problem with you is that you're working together with NAMBLA free candy vans being under impression that you're doing something good distributing candy, while in reality you're being used in all kinds of other ways. Think of the baby in trainspotting. That movie title is also ambiguous and doublespeak. For starters the idea of the movie might not be about spotting the trains, but training the spotters and those who are on lookout during the heist. Maybe word "train" is being used as verb, but the meaning is about riding someone over with a locomotive of trolley problems they couldn't resist.

    • MICHELLE in her own WORDS
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    • Why do BLACKS always show up at my HOUSE for HALLOWEEN?
      I had exactly one black kid come by at 8:30. A 16 year old by himself. Looked uncomfortable walking up. My wife gave him candy and he said thank you and good night. No costume but he was respectful and a little scared. Gilbert, AZ. Lots of law and order here.
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    • What does Baltimore tell us about racial integration?
      It taught us all that although blacks have made great strides since the civil rights movement, racism still exists. We have not done enough and must continue in the same direction even harder until we are all equal
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    • LOL Even the KKK 'Was Very Nice' to Fats Domino
      By 1960, Domino's audience was overwhelmingly white. In South Carolina, the Ku Klux Klan gave his band directions - by the light of a burning cross. The late saxophone player Herbert Hardesty was driving the Domino bus on that occasion.

      "So I had to make it tight," Hardesty recounted. "In about five minutes, I came to Ku Klux Klan. They said, 'Well, where's Fats Domino?' I said, 'He's not here.' They said, 'What are you guys doing?' I said, 'I'm lost, I'm trying to get back to the highway.' And they were very nice - the Ku Klux Klan treated us very nice!"

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    • 14 Words
      Women by nature are a bewildering mixture of treacherous cunthood and mindless herd following. This fact has been known since the dawn of time.

      Throw in a predatory welfare state and the elimination of nearly all legal and social strictures on female depravity and this is the inevitable result.
    • Richard Schwarts
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    • I was surprised to learn I live in a Sundown town
      I've been here about a year and I heard about it once before and just dismissed it but another person told me that you'll never see any blacks in bars or restaurants. I DO see them at the grocery store (not so much) and Wal-Mart (very much so) but not in social areas. There's the one bar beside the bowling alley but they have to take their drinks outside and they don't seem to mind doing that. They've got a picnic table out there.
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    • White Women Line Up to Flirt with Newly Paroled OJ Simpson
      I remember reading about OJ that his head was so unusually large they had to special order a helmet for him. Normally whites have big eggheads. My first year playing high school football I didn't know about this and so even the largest school helmet was unpleasantly tight on me.
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