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    • Taking a veteran out to lunch...
      Was busy with family stuff yesterday. His wife took baby to shower, so we will have a few hours, go for a country road ride. He did some work for me 10 years ago, as a teen, before 3 tours infantry in S. Kandahar. Shot once in armor, "blowed up" 3 times by IEDs, but other than back pain is physically okay and works as an electrician. Over a dozen confirmed kills as marksman, but I am one of the few non-veterans he talks about it with.

      Not bragging about great deed I'm doing, it's tiny, but at least I try, not just talk.

      Hope you guys are having a good Sunday!
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    • Protecting opium crops has a price
      The latest death comes after President Donald Trump ordered a boost in opium poppy yields.

      "Remember we have an yuuuge opioid crisis in Amerikwa right now," the President said.
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    • Could Israel become the most powerful Nation on Earth?

      We'd always have interests there because of OIL. If there was no Israel, the Saudis would still be our best buds, and maybe even the Iranians too, if we had gone in there and kept the Shah on the throne instead of pussing out Carter-style. However, even if so, we'd still have China and Russia sniffing around there like dogs in heat, too, so maybe in the end its all six of one and half-a-dozen of the other.
    • Israel Kicks ass
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  • Israel Kicks ass
    • China military exercise practices defending against surprise US attack on North Korea
      by Christian Shepherd (Reuters) - China's navy and air force has carried out exercises near the Korean peninsula, practicing to defend against a "surprise attack" coming over the sea, Chinese state media reported.

      An anti-aircraft defense battalion carried out the exercises early on Tuesday, near the Bohai Sea, the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea that separates China from the peninsula, an official military website reported.

      Related Book: Asia's Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific by Robert D. Kaplan

      Troops traveled to the site from central China before immediately beginning drills to fend off the "surprise attack" simulating real battle, it said.

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    • Inside The Struggle For Survival Onboard The USS Fitzgerald

      "Just days before the USS John S. McCain was involved in the U.S. Navy's latest collision-at-sea, the Navy released a report on the June accident involving the USS Fitzgerald which caused the death of seven sailors. The report is a supplement to the line of duty investigation being conducted and details the circumstances of the deaths of seven sailors who drowned after the berthing compartment in which they were sleeping became flooded in under a minute."
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