• Amelia Earhart crabs

      with assistance a woman can be trained to emulate but not duplicate the thrills and skills of a testosterone powered AIRMAN using superior reflexes and intelligence to avoid auguring in to the earth mothers unrelenting firmness iffn it has wheels wings or tit's bound to give ewe fits ;shitbird;
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  • GruntledX
    • Whas 4 lunch bags and tards?
      Think boring for me. Homemade beef tomato/beef bouillon soup and a cupl boiled eggs. Will spice them up a bit.

      Don't eat junk or fast food, but carbs like white rice and ramen are a downfall.

      Need to pick up some squash and real sweet taters. Or might fall into the tempting, even more evil shit more once or twice a month.

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  • deployableX
    • Food Porn: Cheese Deng Galbi

      Shijyan Dak Galbi (市場タッカルビ)

      Cheese dak galbi is their specialty menu, but this restaurant serves various types of dak galbi and other side dishes as well. As the Seoul Market, a Korean food market, is in charge of this restaurant, fresh meat and vegetables can be served everyday.

      You can also add toppings such as udon noodles, fried rice, cheese, ramen, rice cake and vegetables.
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    • ITT: What's On Your Dinner Menu Tonight?
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      I lost interest in cooking delicious food because it causes me to over indulge, it's too good.

      Now I bring home portion-sized meals or go to a restaurant for healthy food in portioned quantities, or skip meals.
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  • Lady_J_AdmirerX
    • Recipe Idea
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    • If you could open a restaurant.
      I'd call it The Preposterous Pig and serve all sorts of pork dishes, featuring pork chops cut thin or thick. I'd have all the pork from Quebec which produces the finest pork. I'd also serve garlicy pork roasts with baby russet potatoes and same sized onions roasted around it. And I'd get some recipe for N. Carolina barbequed Ribs, the simple one not the heavy tomato or honey based sauce.

      For real pig fanatics I'd have pig's feet, even the jellied ones. Not my taste but hey pig. And I'd have some chili with beans and yep pork in that too.

      There's be heaps of fresh vegetables like string beans and cauliflower etc all steamed.

      Desert would be stuff with brandy burnt on it so people would get the flavor and have the fun of seeing teh burnign alcohol dishes being prepared.
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  • CurbstompX
    • Is it ethical to eat vegetarians?
      cows are vegetarians, as are chickens and most pigs...most of the meat we eat is fed grass and/or grain. cows graze on grass and become huge muscular animals, protein to us...cows used to be supplemented in their grain with the leftovers of the slaughtered cows till the scientist discovered they are the ones that produced the "mad cow" disease...any animal that eats itself creates the same effect on it's brain.
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