• Chuck Mosley has passed away.
      The original singer of Faith No More has died.



      Former Faith No More Singer Chuck Mosley Dead at 57

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    • In the good old days when Americans were free
      "The original Forest Lawn participated in racial segregation and "for decades refused entrance to blacks, Jews, and Chinese""

      A privately-owned cemetery should have that right.


      A shit-load of Hollywood and other celebs had their carcass planted here or had a container with their ashes and bone chunks shoved into a tiny space (likely cheaper then a plot, cheap bastards).

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    • Ever discovered anything interesting after a close family member or friend died? Funny idiosyncrasies, writings, photos, etc?
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      I had an old guy who lived next door in a big ass 1800s Victorian Mc mansion right next to me in a similar old house I bought. Both lots went from one side of the block through to the other. The house I had bought for the back taxes was in dire need of repairs, and I was living there and working on it after work in the evenings and weekends. Often some of my friends and family would come over to help me with it along the way.

      After I got moved in, I noticed the old man peekin out the windows watching me whenever I was out in the yard. It didn't really bother me, I figured he was just curious as to what was goin on.

      Every once in a while, I'd see him out at the mailbox by the curb or out on the porch, I'd speak n wave to him, and he would just look n nod.

      Then one day, there was a knock on the door, I answered and there he was! Hey neighbor how are you doin today? I asked. He held out his hand and said I'm good, I'm Jack Bill Chiles. I shook hands with him, told him my name and invited him in. Are you finished with it? I aint noticed you outside or workin on anything in a week or so now.

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    • Have you purchased a coffin and final resting place yet?
      Told the non-profit that gets what little shit I got that I want no fucking service or ceremony... fuck that lame-ass boring shit. Went through Pa's then Ma's services and both sucked and were asinine and a waste of time and money for all involved.

      Told the fuckers to dispose of my rancid corpse in the cheapest manner possible. Give it to the future docs to play with... burn me to ashes... fuck... I will be more than beyond caring.

      Fuck... if I die of plague or ebola catapult me over the wall into fucking Mecca. Fuck the Moslem filth. Or leave me in the gutter in Frisco's Castro district... fuck the fags. Or Detroit... fuck the Negroes. Or in my current fucking neighborhood... fuck these disgusting White trash filth. The USA would be a far better place without them.

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  • GentlemanX
    • Billionaire bites the dust

      All those bucks ain't shit now. Bwa hah hah hah hah hah!!! Not broke but fuck I could sure use some wealth to assist in escaping these filthy White trash and Negro filth I am immersed within!!!!


      But.... fuck him. I am alive and he is dead.

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  • GruntledX
    • Hey GUYS and GALS, what da FUCK do you think CNN is doing tonight?

      FACTS: If you want to get ANGRY, feel extremely DEPRESSED, and HATE your fellow AMERICANS, because they don't happen to AGREE with TALK SHOW ELITESTS like DON LEMON, or ANDERSON COOPER, then run a HOT TUB of WATER, pick out a very sharp RAZOR, SLIT your WRISTS, and BLEED yourself out watching all that ANTI-AMERICAN PRO-ZIONIST CRAPPY NEWS NETWORK-CNN!!!


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    • HE IS DEAD!!! Our last great hope for intelligent government. Gone... like smoke in the wind
      "Political news wafting across Missouri tells us that a regular candidate for high office and an avid advocate of marijuana legalization has died.

      Chief Wana Dubie (born Joseph Bickell) died in his hometown of Salem, Mo., about 130 miles southwest of St. Louis. He was 58.

      Saying he was a man who "devoted his life to being a perpetual thorn in the side of the man," a memorial column in the Salem News reported that Dubie "died at peace on Thursday."

      Dubie's biggest hit occurred last year when he staged the "Dubie vs. Blunt" campaign to unseat incumbent U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican. His platform focused on term limits and 100 percent legalization of marijuana.

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    • John Lennon's mother murdered by cop

      "John wrote three songs in honor of his mother: "Julia," which appeared on The Beatles' 1968 "White Album," as well as "My Mummy's Dead" and "Mother," both of which were released during his solo career. His first son, Julian (born John Charles Julian Lennon), is named, in part, after her. She was killed when a car driven by an off-duty policeman, who was drunk, struck and killed her while she was standing at a bus stop. The policeman was later acquitted."
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