• Theresa May is a lying CUNT. She just accused Russia's state owned RT of medding in elections and planting photoshopped images
      and fake news stories to underine western civilisation.


      Bitch, they are the ONLY news channel EXPOSING fake news and photoshopped images. EVERYTHING you accuse THEM of doing is in fact being done by Britain's state owned propaganda station, the Big Blacque Coque (BBC). You huge nosed lying old slapper.

      Resign, you're fucking useless, no one wants you as Prime Minister, you're a joke. You couldn't lead you way out of a paper bag. Thatcher must be turning in her fucking grave watching you flip flop, backtrack, and fuck everything up. Retard.

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    • >> 11/14/2017 01:37 AM : .
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    • ... the RATS are abandoning the SHIP

      :lol: I actually one person who was complaining to me about how there is all this evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign and yet there he is, President anyway. They are thoroughly exasperated. I just stared at them in disbelief that they gurgle the nightly spews from their liberal brainwashing machine and believe that infotainment. This in s an ADULT pushing 50. Not the only one I know who voted Hillary, but the only one who believes the Muh Russians bullshit against Trump that is peddled.
    • The USS HILLARY geaux dow
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    • In 2017, more than 50% of the NFL PLAYERS are CONVICTED FELONS
      NFL players have the cash to pay shyster lawyers to plead criminal charges down to a misdemeanor or even drop the charges...or avoid charges altogether.

      Cowboy's Ezekiel Elliott savaged a hookup & nearly put her in the hospital


      Pulled a woman's top & bra down almost off

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      As identity politics continues to be shoved down the public's throat, the worse it is for the NFL and NBA.

      I grew up watching and idolizing niggers on sports teams. I don't watch these days and neither do my kids.
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    • Not sending money to DNC means you are have a BRAIN
      I would never donate to the DNC or the Republicans. Both are fake parties working together to keep the proletariat in an impoverished state whilst enriching themselves and the criminal globalist financial elite.
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    • OBAMA remodeled DETROIT
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    • another one BITES DA DUST
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