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    • More people are coming forward to say this former B+ list tv actress supplemented...
      ..her income when she was starting out by meeting men for money and being a sugarbaby.

      She was not alone in doing this from that particular show where there were another dozen women who joined her supplementing their income. They used the little bit of fame the hit network show gave them to earn some extra money.


      Hit network show: Deal or No Deal

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      Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry on May 19, 2018, Kensington Palace announced Friday.

      The pair, who will get married at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, announced their engagement last month.
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    • Dustin Hoffman's Turn
      This clip was going around last week:


      Hoffman, DeDinostein, Oliverstein - ALL JEWS.


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    • Sheboon singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock
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      "Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock is left in tears and begging for water after burning herself backstage in distressing behind-the-scenes clip"

      Poor girl. :sadbanana:



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    • People ask why this B-/C+ list celebrity offspring has had so many problems as a young adult.
      The offspring of two one-time A listers has been in and out of rehab and has been known to trade drugs for sex. She has cut herself in the past and has a host of other issues. Maybe it has something to do with the way her A+ list father treated her. Verbally abusing and emotionally manipulating her were just a couple of things he did.

      How about having her walk around in the barest of bare bikinis when she was in her teenage years when he had directors and producers visiting. How he encouraged the directors and producers to take photos and videos of the daughter modeling these bikinis and even lingerie. How if she didn't want to he would berate her in front of them and then not speak to her for a month or two.

      Apparently her mother has no idea any of this occurred and she won't tell the mom because the daughter largely lives off the largesse of her father.


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    • Fitness Model Michele Maturo from LA has 300K followers of Instagram.
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      Yes, "one-night-of-alpha" is one of the strongest elements of the fuck and chuck culture. It's no exaggeration to say the average 5/10 pig who fucked Zzyz once at age 23 will still, at age 43, hold that as her fondest sexual memory. She will be forever dissatisfied thinking she truly was meant to be with Chad.
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    • Actress Kristina Cohen claims fellow actor Ed Westwick raped her
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      I remember this happened to another actress. She said:

      I went to an actors house. He said we should fuck. I said I felt tired so I went to sleep in his guest bedroom after he said we should fuck. While I was in bed, he came in and fingered me. I didn't say anything. Then we fucked. I didn't say anything.

      Since he raped me, we did 4 films together, some softcore. Each time we did a nude scene with simulated sex, I thought about the rape. We dated for a while and broke up when he dumped me for some other actresss. The rape happened 23 years ago and I remember it like it was 5 minutes ago.

      Other unknown actress:

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