• If dots got castrated, cud they stil replicate if had uterus transplants?
      Hav not weighed in on this dots vs. regs civil war much, but they have gone crazy in last month.

      First it was wackball libs, then 3 word attacks on best libs and boob poster vets. It's like the Ruskies turned over the hackjob to a bunch of 15yrold horny South Americans and Serbians that type English well.

      Trying to get Gruntled to reveal his PI in a PM, so I can drive over there and help him balance the rotors.

      There are a few Christmas packages that we need to drop off to all you cowards.

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    • What can make F169 Great Again?
      Page: 2
      Free speech is more of a White Man thing! I don't think the other races can quite get their heads around the importance and 'sacredness' of free speech, and are disturbingly eager to throw it away in, certainly within White nations!

      And then, some people are just stupid!

      Women... are women!

      The jews of course hate free speech because their lies are inevitably exposed, and their wealth/power/influence/manufactured sympathy is based on lies!

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    • >> 11/05/2017 05:28 PM : .
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    • Mocking a retard
      Mutual Admiration Society leave those "Feelings" at the dorr ;popcorn;
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    • >> 11/04/2017 07:53 PM : .
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    • We need to get rid of the "nobody cares" fauxmote.
      'Cur. It used to "trigger" me a bit when I got one. Now when I see more than 2 in somebody else's fread, I just get bored with scrolling thru 'em. Couple of months ago they did mean something, and were applied to the "guess what brand of underwear I wore when I was 16" posts.

      I have some REALLY strong opinions about a few minor things here, but am less than a year into this, so don't bitch to Hams much, unless he asks.

      Main thing is dotism. I was one for a cupl months before grew some balls. I just think there just should be some limited rights for them.

      Overall, I love this place. Has been a savior for me in time of transition, losing my old neighborhood and a few other thing.
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    • I miss Drunkie's sorry ass

      Don't care. As long as they are entertaining and original about it. Stay in character while giving responses. Take abuse with humor.

      And isn't their whole life, like nydeath. Get the feeling that many dots are sorta trolls without knowing it. Paying attention to their reply shots "from cover" of cowardly anon, is like looking in a warped mirror to see how you look.

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    • 'member back in the 1800's when there were hilarious banners here?
      Actually read Orwell's unabridged "1984," back when I was 13, and boring summer on the farm. Spossed to be sex scenes. Got thru a few Philip Wylie, Robert Heinlein, Steinbeck, books for same reason. Dammit, guess I learned a few words.

      Guess there isn't much fun anymore, all will be rewritten, never even a screenshot of a f169 frontpage with banner/header.

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    • If ther were no nyboi or d2meat, wud have to invent one to abuse?
      I love that line from the movie "The Believer" about real jew guy that became a leading white supremacist/Nazi in NY State in 1960's. His rabbi, who he argued with to the nth while young, told him, "Even if there weren't a holocaust, we would have to invent the story, to make us the persecuted people."

      Not directly applicable to this sit, but...

      So if nyb does murd/suic with d2me, I am worried that no one will ever come up with a sock puppet so pathetic to abuse.

      I try not to click on their(his) freads, but it is like trying to take a nap in a room with a barrel full of trout and salmon. They jump out of the water yelling, "Shoot Me, Shoot me!"
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    • QUENCE: Serious question

      Quence trolls with threads like:

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    • >> 10/29/2017 05:02 AM : .
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