• Micro aggression

      Change the key and don't tell him you computer illiterate moran
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    • The thrills and joys of shark attacks. Let's go swimming!!!
      If humans were on sharks' menu, it would be impossible for people to enter the sea. Instead, hundreds of millions of people go in the ocean every year, and only a handful of them are attacked by sharks (and nearly all of those live to tell the tale). Not going in the water for fear of sharks is like not leaving your house for fear of bears. Before Jaws, no one knew what a white shark was, and they certainly weren't afraid of them.
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    • Just got a text. Hawt bartender has a heavy flow period. She's coming over tonight.
      distress or impairment.[48]


      Most psychologists believe that paraphilic sexual interests cannot be altered.[49] Instead, the goal of therapy is normally to reduce the person's discomfort with their paraphilia and limit any criminal behavior.[49] Both psychotherapeutic and pharmacological methods are available to these ends.[49]

      Cognitive behavioral therapy, at times, can help people with paraphilias develop strategies to avoid acting on their interests.[49] Patients are taught to identify and cope with factors that make acting on their interests more likely, such as stress.[49] It is currently the only form of psychotherapy for paraphilias supported by evidence.[50]
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    • Kong Kardashian walks into a bar....

      Bum implants tend to loosen and move around. They can ripple and pockmark the skin. See: Iggy Azalea



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      His finest moment. 11/04/2004.

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    • Trump's still going wrong on Twitter
      We are going to go over the latest tweets of Mr. Trump, who lost the popular vote and has no real mandate to run the country, and explain what he is saying in our 6PM broadcast, so stay tuned.


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