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    • Wolf stuck in a trap. Man sets it free.
      Do you think our own Pile of Gutlessness would do anything honourable like that? Of course not. He'd see the stricken animal, run and grab his bow and arrows, and shoot the poor thing at point blank range. Then, he'd post a thread about killing a big bad wolf. Coward!

      This guy is not a coward:
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  • QuenceX
    • Malika Haqq got some nice gorilla look
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      Where is the good gorilla look. Who wanted to hide her gorilla look. :thumbdown:
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  • NisseX
    • That's the second mouse I've rescued from my cat today
      Cats have been busy lately - bringing in a couple of mice a week. Half the time I find them after the poor little bastards have died. The live ones are usually in shock, exhausted by attempts to escape and desperately hoping the cat will get bored and leave them alone if they just stay still.

      This one was different. Had a difficult time picking him up and he actually bit me! Managed to get hold of him and release into the garden. He sprinted for cover as soon as I put him down.

      He's a fighter. Good luck to him! ::
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  • Fist of an Angry GodX
    • Nisse New Years Treat
      For his/her/its/??? enjoyment and a way of screeching "THANKS!!!" for his/her/its/??? arduous efforts at providing constant quality content for this damn dive I hereby and forthwith tender this image of the dark meat his essence apparently prefers.
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  • GruntledX
    • A make-up free Zendaya that is what i want to see
      "Zendaya goes make-up free as she wears a Tuesday sweater while leaving Universal Studios"

      The hair looks too good to be real.
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  • NisseX
    • Sadly, Trump Is Winning
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      He's already won. Once Moore is sworn in on Wednesday, the Senate is going to change the filibuster rules to allow 50 votes, they are going to appoint a dozen new members to the Supreme Court, and then declare Democrats to be traitors and order their execution and the Supreme Court will uphold the new law 16-5.
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