• Topical advice for the newbies
      Thank a fucking Boomer for those wonderful gents sharing their knowledge with younger generations to assist those oft pussy-whipped PC punklets that allows them to avoid a few of the many dangers, increasing number of dangers, confronting the USA male existing within a sick, perverted society/culture that rightfully should be erased from the fucking planet.

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    • You dregs need this


      "Crotch Shot: icky knicker prewash

      Crusty chonies? Soiled skivvies? Nasty knickers? The solution is Crotch Shot: icky knicker prewash treatment. Lady crust, period stains, sharts: there are more slang terms for our bodily secretions that we have room for on this page. Yes it is natural, but it is still a taboo subject, not to mention an underwear killer. And then, if you wash your dainties in hot water to kill the bacteria, you are undoubtedly setting the protein stains. But if you use elastic-friendly cold water, you are probably not getting them clean. How to solve the dilemma? Keep your favorite (and expensive) knickers in pristine condition by treating them with Crotch Shot, a protein digester and bacterial killing prewash treatment. *Crotch Shot is also useful for baby stains and men's underwear.* To use Crotch Shot: 1. Wet at least the crotch of recently worn underwear. 2. Swipe Crotch Shot 2 to 3 times on the soiled area. 3. Let the ingredients work for 15 minutes, before laundering as you usually do. Contains: 2 oz Ingredients: vegetable-based soap, tea tree oil, protein-digesting enzyme Made in USA"

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    • I have questions about a gay man who was formerly married to a woman.
      I bring this issue up because I came across a song titled "I Want You". I looked it up on youtube and then on wikipedia and it turned out to be an old song from a band named 'Savage Garden'. I had never heard of that band, so I looked them up on wikipedia.

      This is what I found out about the lead singer: "Darren Hayes married his childhood sweetheart, makeup artist Colby Taylor, in 1994. They were still married when Savage Garden skyrocketed to fame around the globe in the late 1990s. They separated in 1998 and were divorced in 2000. Hayes started coming out as gay to friends and the head of his label, Sony, in the early 2000s. He entered into a private marriage ceremony with his boyfriend of two years, Richard Cullen, on 23 July 2005 in London."

      He was apparently 22 yrs. old and not the least bit famous when he married his "childhood sweetheart". I don't understand it. Was he a heterosexual male at that time? He didn't seem to have any reason for needing a beard, right? So why would he come out as gay later on?
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    • Disposal advice

      "Half buried, decomposing body found in Brooklyn backyard, police say"

      We can learn valuable lessons from the mistakes of others. When burying a body ensure it is covered completely out of sight. Also, bury the thing deep enough so that the smell of decay is not detectable to the human nose. Animals with superior sniffers will smell the decaying meat and paw at the site. Search the Web for advice on how to avoid that scenario.
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    • This is Warren Buffett's most important advice for the average investor.

      Ah, but you're missing the point of these index funds for the average investor. The point is to have a 20, 30 or 40 year investment vehicle that will have decent growth and definitely beat inflation. Most people don't have the expertise to time the market (which is what your method would essentially require) and they don't want to spend gobs of time actively investing and managing their money.
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    • What model guitar is this?
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      If you can go to the store and play it, and it sounds good for the price, it doesn't matter where it was made. Chinese make good guitars most of the time, they almost always need setting up.
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