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    • Posted 01/03/2018 08:10 PM
    • China's ruling communist party is concerned that swathes of politically apathetic millennials, branded the 'Zen-generation', are sauntering through life in a passive and unpatriotic way - raising doubts about their loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party.

      In the past few months the buzzphrase 'Zen-generation', based on the Buddhist notion of a relaxed, Zen attitude, has gone viral online. It is used to describe young Chinese who choose easy, often low-paid careers ahead of challenging, higher-paid roles and eschew the often demanding social pressures of Chinese society.

      They are generally born after 1990 and are defined by having a blasé attitude to jobs, politics, and pretty much anything else in life.

      With the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) currently on a drive to shore up party loyalty, one of its media outlets,, has dubbed this trend a "total tragedy". As well as a lack of political loyalty, the state-controlled newspaper The Global Times added that there was concern that such attitudes could hold back Chinese society in the long term.

      Members of 'Zen-generation', according to the newspaper, "are seemingly fine with anything that happens to them. They are not inspired by any patriotic drive or the Party's political catchphrases. They are simply indifferent.

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    • Finance_Boi
    • Posted 10/19/2017 10:08 AM

      Here's the transcript of the Chelsea Handler tweet from October 18:

      October 18, 2017

      Like so many across the country, the past presidential election and the countless events that have unfolded since have galvanized me. From the national level down to the grassroots, it's clear our decisions at the ballot box next year will mark a defining moment for our nation.

      For these reasons, I've decided not to return for another season of Chelsea, and instead devote as much time as I can to becoming a more knowledgeable and engaged citizen and to focus on projects that have significance to me. My goal is to be better informed, raise my voice, and participate in a more meaningful way. I want to travel the country and visit areas and people I don't know enough about, speak at colleges and listen to students, and gain a better understanding of our political divide. I have joined forces with EMILY's List to elect more women to public office, register people to vote, and campaign for candidates who are fighting for women's rights.

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    • Finance_Boi
    • Posted 09/29/2017 01:02 PM

      The first question we should be asking is why is there a Muslim professor at West Point.

      Source: Exclusive: West Point Professor Who Mentored Antifa Soldier on Administrative Leave (images added throughout)

      The West Point mentor of a soldier now under investigation by the Army for engaging in political activity while in uniform is on administrative leave, Breitbart News has learned.

      The adviser is Rasheed Hosein, a professor of Middle East history, who was in charge of Second Lieutenant Spenser Rapone's development at West Point.

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    • Posted 08/16/2017 07:26 PM
    • Communists murdered over 100 million people.

      With 100% certainty, all truly communist countries end up as dirt poor prison states that shoot people who try to leave.


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    • Posted 05/17/2017 01:29 AM

      When communism collapsed in Central and Eastern Europe, previously unobtainable goods flooded the market.
      Today, the region's shops and supermarkets offer broadly the same food and drink as in the West - a tangible and largely welcome result of global capitalism.
      But something is dawning on Czechs, Slovaks, Poles and Hungarians: the labels might be the same, but the contents might not be.
      In a German supermarket, Czech shopper Petr Zedinek holds up a can of tuna fish and leans in close, a conspiratorial gleam in his eye.
      "A can of tuna fish," he says.
      "Yes," I reply. I sense a larger point is coming.
      "It costs 1." (78p; $1.09)
      "In the Czech Republic it costs about 1.50."
      "The fish here is good quality - whole chunks of it. Nothing like the mush they sell across the border."

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    • Posted 03/16/2017 06:30 PM
    • I don't really care, it's just there is some shitty news story about China on at the moment, and they had some MORON singing and he just looked EXACTLY like all the wannabe singers you see on X Factor or Idol etc (not that I have ever watched them). In other words, he looked like a :c3po: I thought it strange. I would have assumed that China doe snot allow that sort of thing. What is the answer?

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