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    • Trump Reportedly Wants Kelly To Get Rid Of Jared And Ivanka
      President Donald Trump has reportedly asked White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to oust his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. 

      Although both serve in official roles as advisors, The New York Times reported that Trump privately requested Kelly's help "in moving them out." He also told the couple they should stay, unnamed aides told the newspaper.
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    • Black Friday Deals
      Can I use an iTunes gift card to buy another card?

      buy $100 iTunes gift card for $83

      use $100 iTunes gift card to buy another $100 iTunes card for $83, pocket $17

      use that card to buy an iTunes gift card for $83, pocket $17

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  • QuenceX
    • Meet The New American Hero
      notice he is not an american? nose points towards the lands of queens the champions of the world riding animals with broke back mountains. of course with pervertariat you have to always assume possibility of double reverse trolling where they might pride parade some butch lesbo who is wearing pants and then "convert" her to "female".
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    • Daily Stormer rape scandal
      A quick google just brought me back to this very thread (kinda funny).

      Does the, err, hooker have any, y'know, like evidence & stuff... err kinda thing?
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