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    • People typically touch their phones 2,617 per day, according to one study
      - leaving a particularly enticing trail of data to mine. "Our interactions with the digital world could actually unlock secrets of disease," said Dr. Sachin H. Jain, chief executive of CareMore Health, a health system, who has helped study Twitter posts for signs of sleep problems. Similar approaches, he said, might someday help gauge whether patients' medicines are working.

      WTF? I probably touch my phone 10 times in a very busy day.
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  • DarwinX
    • POLL: Not fake news; CNN declared Thomas the Tank Engine & Paw Patrol to be "fascist cartoons"
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      It's extraordinary isn't it.

      We can't even really mock these "liberals" for comedic/satirical purposes because the most extreme "exaggeration" we can imagine is already completely inadequate for highlighting how mentally ill they actually are.

      I could perhaps have imagined, if prompted, that a few extreme libtards might not like children's cartoons because they don't have enough trannies & Jihadi's for their tastes.

      However for CNN to openly declare children's cartoons as "fascist"... with links to show that this is a widespread & prevalent opinion amongst the left?

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    • This just in:__Check your Mega Millions tickets!
      The Illinois Lottery is thrilled to announce it has sold the winning ticket for the largest jackpot in Illinois history in last night's Mega Millions drawing. The winning ticket was a Quick Pick sold at Nick's Barbecue, 12658 South Harlem Avenue in Palos Heights, Illinois. The estimated grand prize is $393 million. The retailer will receive a $500,000 selling bonus.

      The winning numbers in last night's drawing are 23 - 33 - 53 - 56 - 58. The Mega Ball number is 06.

      The Illinois Lottery urges the lucky winner to immediately sign the back of the ticket and keep it in a safe place until they visit one of the Lottery's five Prize Centers in Chicago, Des Plaines, Rockford, Springfield or Fairview Heights. Winners have one year from the original drawing date to claim a prize.

      This jackpot is the fifth largest in Mega Millions history and has an estimated cash value of $246 million. The jackpot began on April 28, 2017 and rolled 30 times.
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    • Lindsey Graham: Trump Must Punish Russia
      [quote=.]Sure and you libbies bitched when Bush messed with one middle east country but were silent when Obama messed with 5 middle east and n African countries.

      There's been more deaths under Obama than Bush but don't let reality stop you from posting drivel.

      And obama lost the peace of a war we already won.


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    • Trump support hits new low. 25% lower than Obama 8 years ago.
      When we hired a new CEO his support was unprecedented. I liked him. He turned the company around because he made unpopular decisions, that cut the fat and got rid of all the useless retards and negative asswipes. 5 years later, the company is in the best shape it has ever been in and the haters are all walking around talking about how they all believed in him , from the start. Its easy to be popular, don't change a fucking thing or rock the boat. Takes a real leader to make change, unlike that uneventful turd who just left the white palace.
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    • Quence
    • Posted 03/01/2018 02:42 PM
    • Megyn Kelly has fashioned herself as a champion of the #MeToo movement, filling her NBC talk show, "Megyn Kelly Today," with brave women fighting injustice.

      But a former colleague says it's all an act.

      "She's disrespectful," Iren Halperin, a Fox News makeup artist for 20 years who retired in 2016, told Page Six. "She's not for women. She's extremely mean and rude to women."

      Halperin worked with Kelly in 2009, when the latter co-anchored "America's Newsroom With Bill Hemmer." Halperin said that Kelly always got her makeup done at 8 a.m., but showed up 30 minutes early one day and tried to kick a female reporter out of the makeup chair.

      "I told her, 'Please have a seat in the greenroom or start your hair first,' " Halperin said.

      Read more in thread...
    • curbstomp
    • Posted 02/19/2018 04:12 AM
    • Spy Nig thinks he is above the fray


      . posted:
      Always underpinning the US investigations into allegations of Russian election meddling was the unspoken reality that the US too has a history of meddling in foreign elections when it suits their interests.
      James Woolsey, the CIA Director from 1993 to 1995, addressed questions on that point, admitting that the US has interfered in elections in the past, but "only for a very good cause," and when they thought rigging the vote would benefit democracy.
      "It was for the good of the system," Woolsey insisted. Researchers suggest* the US interfered in elections at least 81 times since World War 2, far more often than Russia. Some analysts are arguing that the two are not equivalent, however, because the US meddling was "pro-democracy" in intent.
      Yet a casual look at CIA involvement in regime changes shows myriad times when US interference involved ousting democratically elected governments, often by orchestrating coups, to prop up regimes seen more favorable to US interests. In the 1950s, this included regime change in Iran to support BP oil profits, and one in Guatemala for United Fruit Company.

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