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    • 9 signs of male insecurity that turn women OFF!
      Well that's the thing. Assuming you're talking about the office hens: you don't. Ever. You just don't do it.

      No office snooch is worth risking your livelihood and possibly your entire career over. I don't care if its lined with black velvet and she shits gold medallions when she cums: don't do it. Ever. Not once.

      Women have got men in a precarious position these days: all a woman has to do is hint that she was harassed or treated inappropriately by a man and the show is over, he's already tried and convicted. And who runs most HR departments? Exactly. The burden of proof is placed upon the MAN to prove he didn't harass or assault the whore every time he stuck his dick in her or did/said things she CLAIMS he did but actually never fucking happened at all.

      Women and men are different. Men are conditioned to accept rejection as part of the pursuit of snooch because...well, it is. Just because you want to bang a chick doesn't mean she's obligated to smash with you. Women are conditioned to believe all they need to do to secure a mate is to express interest and let him do the pursuing. If he doesn't start pursuing then she figures he's not "getting the hint" so she ups the signals until it's at the point where she's practically climbing on you and shoving her asshole in her face. Consider the way a female cat in heat does exactly this as part of the mating process.

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  • Fuck God in the AssX
    • Why do poors eat poorly, fail to budget properly and have no ambition?
      So let's break this down: you're poor, so you desperately need whatever crappy job you can find, and the nature of that crappy job is that you can be fired at any time. Meanwhile, your hours can be cut with no notice, and there's no obligation on the part of your employer to provide severance regardless of why, how or when they let you go. And we wonder why the poor get poorer?
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    • Generations X,Y, Z and the Others

      A decent synopsis of the generational shit that includes the much-needed Gen Jones division of the Boomers. Long before scholars and scribes divided the Boomers we talked among ourselves and noted the differences betwixt early and late Boomers.

      A reminder for the many of you needing it (a minority of you fucks have par or above mentalities not requiring reminders but the turds in the 'pool need these. Fuck.) there is far far far more involved with differentiating the generations than mentioned at the link. If curious you are encouraged to seek further info. There is a huge amount of data, facts, research, opinions, charts, graphs, pics and just an immense amount of shit about generational differentiation to be found upon the Web. If lazy, as most of you fuck-wits here are... just stay on-site and read what your betters have to say about those low-brow idiotic Millennials and Gen Xers and Gen Z yahoos and use our sage opinions as your guide to ascertaining the developmental levels and other aspects of the infantile sub-par post Boomer generations.

      Let it be known that the newer the generations the more fucked it is. If trends continue that damn Gen Z will be even more fucked than that horrid Gen Y/Millennial cohort. Fuck. The USA is doomed.

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  • GruntledX
    • KSFB
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  • KSFB
    • Don't you hate those weeks where nothing really happens?
      It's like each week costs this crazy amount of money to stay alive - even if you aren't living that well. So if you fall off the horse for even a couple weeks, you're fucking screwed, and society has never been more apathetic and heartless. But the worst thing is all the two-bit flakes, liars, cheaters, scammers, charlatans, braggarts, wanna-bes, and poseurs.
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    • Do you decorate your house for Halloween?
      Page: 2
      I bought a house in a kid friendly neighborhood this summer and I've been stocking up on candy for the past month. This year I'll go light on decor because of other priorities but I'll put out some cobwebs, spiders, and a fog machine on Halloween. Next year I plan to get a bit more elaborate and will pick up some decorations after the holiday when they go on sale. I like Halloween. Will probably have a party next year too.
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    • Shocking News! Joining ISIS is bad for your resume! Exclusive to the New York Post
      A New Yorker who joined ISIS said he's sorry he hooked up with the terror group and wants to do all he can to dissuade other Americans from doing the same.

      "It's obviously the worst decision I've ever made in my life," the 27-year-old man named "Mo" told NBC News, which planned to air his interview Thursday and Sunday.

      Mo, who once attended an elite college, is now in US custody after joining ISIS in Turkey and Syria.

      He's cooperating with the feds, who OK'd the TV interview.

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    • will you be my friend?
      Having lots of friends is a better painkiller than morphine.

      Scientists at Oxford University found people with large groups of friends have a higher tolerance for pain.

      Experts looked into endorphins - the body's natural pain killers.

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    • House Guest Cru
    • Posted 02/12/2018 03:49 AM
    • House Guest Cru brings a healthy appetite. Better have that fridge stocked with meat. We like to BBQ with plenty of beer. Make sure you have 10 cartons of Kools on hand. We like to smoke while we drink. A case of Hennessy is a requirement. We on our way Whitey.

    • Posted 11/11/2017 04:46 AM

      Rest is a luxury for the rich. I get up at 6am, go to school (I have a full course load, but I only have to go to two in-person classes), then work, then I get the kids, then pick up my husband, then have half an hour to change and go to Job 2. I get home from that at around 12.30am, then I have the rest of my classes and work to tend to. I'm in bed by 3am. This isn't every day, I have two days off a week from each of my obligations. I use that time to clean the house and soothe Mr Martini [her partner], see the kids for longer than an hour and catch up on schoolwork.

      Those nights I'm in bed by midnight, but if I go to bed too early I won't be able to stay up the other nights because I'll fuck my pattern up, and I drive an hour home from Job 2 so I can't afford to be sleepy. I never get a day off from work unless I am fairly sick. It doesn't leave you much room to think about what you are doing, only to attend to the next thing and the next. Planning isn't in the mix.

    • Gruntled
    • Posted 08/26/2017 12:16 PM
    • "General rule of thumb: if you see an antifa page talking about antifa as though it were a political organization, it's fake.

      yeah, this is a very deliberate ploy that's being produced by, what a shock, neo-nazis from 4chan/8chan. (warning for the link contained in that post for antiblack and antisemitic slurs and memes and all around gross stuff)."

      Doing some basic research about Antifa, BLM and other groups, associations, clubs, gangs, cohorts and other assemblages of fuckers with a Web presence. All sorts of weird shit out there that is mostly easily comprehendible to a Dreg who has walloed in the muck and sludge of the societal cesspool that is F169.

      In a way F169 is akin to a fucking boot camp that mentally prepares its denizens for the insanity and inanity existing outside our comfy cesspool and accompanying leech field. As a courtesy for the mental invalids unaware of what the fuck a leech field is here yah' go.

      Read more in thread...
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