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    • Who was better in their primbe? Britney Spears or Taylor Swift?
      Britney would be by far the better fuck, even now. Taylor seems frigid, but she is fucking hot and you could bareback her, where I wouldn't take that chance with Brit. Britney's a psycho and they are always the best one nighters. She has bigger tiddies too. Taylor is much richer though.
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    • I honestly don't think Justin Timberlake's Superbowl Halftime performance was that bad.
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      I'll have to read some of the reviews dissing his performance, just to see what fault the so called experts are seeing with him. I'll think it's bullshit, but I just want to see what angle they are aiming for.

      No one criticizes Beiber for being white, because he has that history with Usher. It's easy to not take JT seriously due to his Disney and NSYNC history, but everyone has to start somewhere.

      Personally, I think Timberlake has more overall raw talent than Bieber, he is probably the Sinatra of our generation. If H-Wood still made musicals with big dance productions, Timberlake would be the biggest star in America.
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  • NewsGuyX
    • I have started to listen to new pop music
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      Haven't heard anything decent since The Killers and early Owl City. It's all no-talent niggers and bimbos now. I'd occasionally hear something on a TV ad I liked but even that has been a long while.

      From Apple ads:

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  • NisseX
    • Guitards, who is this "excitable boy" on lead for Warren?

      Guess I will be posting as a dot for a while, as won't give Hams me mum's maiden name, or last 4 of social, to log-in.

      All I did was a slight offense towards Nistee, and wonder where the Grunt was.

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  • deporablebanned
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