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    • Computer-related question
      It could be new drivers for anything causing the problem. Sound, display, WiFi, drives, anything. If it is a brandname machine, see if the mfr has a page of drivers for that machine and Win 10.
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    • Posted 10/22/2017 05:11 AM
    • in the past year i've pretty much given up on everything except sitting around reading the internet.

      it's not that i can't do anything with my free time... i just don't feel like it. my body and mind don't seem to have the will to do any more than exist.

      have a bike, hiking boots and golf clubs and used to do scores of rides, hikes and rounds in the summer, but did maybe 1 ride, a couple hikes and 9 holes this year.

      got plenty of computer games and used to play them all the time, but haven't started any up in months.

      last year i went on a couple big vacations and was psyched about going on a couple more this year, but instead i just spent vacation sleeping in and sitting around for a couple weeks.

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    • Posted 08/05/2017 09:44 PM
    • " Toxicodendron Radicans, commonly known as Eastern Poison Ivy is a poisonous North American flowering plant t
      hat is well known for causing Urushiol-induced contact dermatitis, an itchy, irritating, and sometimes painful
      rash in most people who touch it. It is caused by urushiol, a clear liquid compound in the plant's sap. "

      So I took precautions but still got this on my skin. Itchy chains of bumps on my arms.

      Any cures? What works best to stop the itch and dry the pustules?
      Over the counter. Home cures. Ideas please.

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