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      making the animal feel the moast pain and anixiety,makes the meat melt in your pretty round mouf,so when in doubt dont shoot to kill use a knife on their quivering carcass like buffalo bob,dont pretreat the meat like Cowpoke dave letting himb do it was the biggest flavor misteak we ever made
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    • Spanky.nli
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  • Spanky.nli
    • Give me some
      Give me some great recipes for a high quality steak.

      Grilled or pan fried (please specify which)
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    • Anti Semite with glass purse
      What is wrong with saying: "Hurry up Jew" if the person that is addressed is in fact a Jew?
    • Jewish Hating Heiress Bitch
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    • > + 01/08/2018 02:45 PM : VeraciousB
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  • Jewish Hating Heiress Bitch
    • Beer and chocolate, really?
      that last combo sounds okay, but with chocolate i'd choose scotch or brandy over beer.

      with beer, maybe peanut brittle, or mary janes. i remember enjoying something like that. beer was warsteiner or something like that.
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  • deployableX
    • Anyone else getting ripped on White Russians
      No White Russian for me tonight but am partaking on a cuba libre made with Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 and some store brand cola since we're out of Coke.

      Quite possible one of the best rums available pared with some crappy cola kinka levels each other out and actually makes a good drink.
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    • If you could open a restaurant.
      I'd call it The Preposterous Pig and serve all sorts of pork dishes, featuring pork chops cut thin or thick. I'd have all the pork from Quebec which produces the finest pork. I'd also serve garlicy pork roasts with baby russet potatoes and same sized onions roasted around it. And I'd get some recipe for N. Carolina barbequed Ribs, the simple one not the heavy tomato or honey based sauce.

      For real pig fanatics I'd have pig's feet, even the jellied ones. Not my taste but hey pig. And I'd have some chili with beans and yep pork in that too.

      There's be heaps of fresh vegetables like string beans and cauliflower etc all steamed.

      Desert would be stuff with brandy burnt on it so people would get the flavor and have the fun of seeing teh burnign alcohol dishes being prepared.
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  • CurbstompX
    • Any of you tards ever try BOLOGNA CAKE?



      Dunno, could be good.
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    • Posted 03/01/2018 04:32 AM
    • I just recently read that a good way to remove the gamey taste from deer and elk meat is to do the following:

      1. Cut away all fat.
      2. Cut away silvery and/or connective tissue
      3. Marinate the meat in 4 cups water and 1 cup vinegar for 12 hours. The cut of meat should be 'steak' size. For larger quantities, increase the marinade.

      Does N E 1 knoa if this actually works? Or does the meat just taste gamey and vinegary?

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    • Posted 02/27/2018 12:03 PM
    • i park my car open the bag, and check my order.

      They make a lot of mistakes, we all know fast food workers are fucking idiots.

      So why would you not check your order, nothing worse than getting home and realizing they forgot something.

      the last straw for me, was when I ordered a Sausage McMuffin with Egg, and they forgot to put the fucking cheese in it.

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