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    • Women have a right to hate men
      Let us try a thought experiment.

      Imagine a world where men don't exist.

      Imagine a world where women don't exist.

      Check back on each in a month.
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    • LOL... O'Reilly gets busted interviewing a fake Swedish national security advisor
      Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's comments about reporting from a "combat zone" during the Falklands War, witnessing nuns being killed in El Salvador and hearing a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald shoot himself in the head have all come under heavy scrutiny for being at best exaggerations and at worst outright lies. Now, yet another one of O'Reilly's decades-old anecdotes is being called into question.
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    • austin hipster suspended from twitter for posting 'how to punch a nazi' video!
      i heard disturbing stories about old thor here when i lived in austin tx.

      "If you're thinking about punching a Nazi, or any other member of the Republican party," Thor starts, "Don't do it. Peaceful protest is always better. But if you have to do it..." and he then suggests getting someone to film it - perhaps making reference to white nationalist Richard Spencer - and then says, "also hold your wrist straight, otherwise you could hurt your wrist," and offering punching techniques. While Thor's post is down, Xiu Xiu reposted it (and reported the news of Thor's suspension).
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    • Posted 03/19/2018 03:50 PM

      Donald Trump's ascension to the Republican Party nomination and election as President of the United States in 2016 was a surprise to many political analysts. This article examines the notion that personal values played an important role in support for Trump. Using data from the Trump Similarity Values Test (N = 1825), a web based personality test that provides users with feedback on their similarity to Donald Trump, this article shows that personal values played a role in support for Donald Trump. First, people who supported Trump were more likely have a value profile characterized by low Altruism and high Power, Commerce, and Tradition. Second, people with a values profile similar to Trump's (presumed) values profile were more likely to support Trump. These results held even after controlling for party affiliation and political ideology, indicating that personal values were an even stronger predictor of support for Trump than traditional political attitudes.

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    • Posted 01/16/2018 03:15 AM
    • An Australian man has received death threats after taking his wife's surname.

      Grant Phillips announced the reason behind his name change on Facebook to let his friends know it wasn't a hack.

      However, international media got wind of his decision and along with the coverage came hundreds of derogatory messages.

      Mr Phillips was told to kill himself, and another wished a car crash upon him and his wife, Jade.

      "I hope your wife can't have kids, that'll be God's way of punishing you," said another.

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    • Drifterbee.nli
    • Posted 09/21/2017 10:58 AM
    • What if she was roinky with a pink, pink asshole? Haw haw haw!

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