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    • Hipster Millennials Aren't Saving For Retirement Because Capitalism 'Won't Exist By Then'
      Page: 2
      You'll grow out of it. I was once full of self-pity for a year back in my early 20's, quasi-liberal but I had no fucking clue. I buckled down, and now pull in 160k easy while socking 15% away for the golden years and to provide for my children, just like parents did. My 401k balance is 240k and I am in my late 30's now. Ill be enjoying my millions when I hit 64. You can do it to.
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  • Finance_boiX
    • Life as a Female Trucker in North Dakota.
      Page: 2
      Not from the area, but the state is absolutely tiny population wise in relative modern terms, less then 700,000 people so everything is big news, from any person who succeeds to big news over the 10 murders we have every year. I live in the middle of the Spearfish and our closest small city was HUGELY affected by the oil boom being at the edge of the Bakken and being a major railroad depot in the area. You can't be in a state this population wise small and not know or be affected by shit like this.

      Which was the problem. Williston before the boom was a sleepy little nowhere town with plain old two lane county roads and state highways. A small place like that with a small base for services and small infrastructure was just inundated by the mass flow of actual people looking for work and the hordes of worthless shitheads. Traffic was a HUGE issue because of the small road system, big oil trucks wrecked the fuck out of them and especially the old county roads. There was little housing to begin with so the flood of people meant there was no place to stay, not just in Williston but also a lot of the state from Bismark to Minot, so you had workers with big oil money but no place to stay leading to massive housing crunch and prices PLUS the out of state speculators who dumped endless money on bets it would be a long term thing with long term profits. Labor crunch because there was nobody to work jobs outside of oil to support the oil workers, McDonald's was paying $15 an hour for starting nobody assholes because they coudn't find anybody to work. Labor prices shot up to attract people (lots of deadbeat scumbags) and prices of everything went way up, old locals with old jobs got hurt, local yokels got fucked on rent while not seeing much raise in pay, it was hell for the people living there.

      They had to build man camps to house the oil men. Luckily a lot of them were old oil hands who flew in from places like Texas and stayed just to work and would commute back home on rotation. The great irony was the oil jobs were usually had by oil people, dipshits who just showed up in town didn't get their desired job in the rigs because they had no training, experience, they just didn't drag in any asshole from the street to work in the field. Said loser dipshits were needed to work at McDonald's to serve expensive Big Macs and Walmart to stock coolers full of overly expensive meat, but many crum bum losers just sat around and refused the $15 an hour low skill jobs and cried because they didn't get the $25 an hour plus overtime they came for. Camper prices FLEW THROUGH THE ROOF because oil workers would buy them and a bunch of them would live in them, which was very difficult with the harsh winters we have. Then you had the usual crooked assholes coming in and trying to zone out the solution because they wanted the shortage and high prices. One city council member actually said they were moving against trailers to promote developers, proving they were just a bunch of clueless retards who got elected.

      Minot got flooded with retards, my friend who worked at Food Service which serves basically the whole state out of there till it just moved to Fargo said it was overtime every single night to load trucks. Losers came in hordes to that city too, wages went up and many businesses were built. Worst of all rent and housing skyrocketed, remember the boom happened during the rest of the country's Great Recession and development ran wild. Traffic was terrible, but by far worse the out of state losers. The Great Minot Flood was around this same time, reducing housing and also causing a further influx of vagrants to come to fix damaged homes.

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  • QuenceX
    • I went to Penn state.
      Page: 2
      Fucking PEDOSCUM ALL THE WAYYY. Im guessing you never read the grand jury report, a chilling level of brutal abuse. For decades! Imo thats the part that gets lost with people, it wasnt the heres some candy let me fondle you abuse. It was brutal, ass rapings for 30+ years. Would be impossible not to know kids being assfucked RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO YOUR OFFICE! Stomach turning to read. And we now know that he knew, and was told directly, in 1976. He even admitted to knowing, but alas "should have done more about it". The definition of pedo scumbag. Would not shock me if he was in on it with Sandusky. Im not even sure why they are still allowed to have a football program. Burn in hell these motherfuckers.

      --As the graduate assistant entered the locker room doors, he was surprised to find the lights and the showers on. He then heard rhythmic, slapping sounds. He believed the sounds to be those of sexual activity. As the graduate assistant put his sneakers in his locker, he looked in the shower. He saw a naked boy ... whose age he estimated to be ten years old, with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky. The graduate assistant was shocked but noticed that both [the victim] and Sandusky saw him. The graduate assistant left immediately, distraught. It is worth noting here what Paterno did upon hearing a first-hand story from a "very upset" graduate assistant, in the words of the report, about "Jerry Sandusky ... fondling or doing something of a sexual nature to a young boy": Paterno took no action except to tell his athletic director.
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    • If I were a multi-millionaire, I would buy an abandoned shopping mall and convert it to an affordable neighborhood.
      Page: 2
      Man Builds Secret Apartment At Mall, Gets Away With It For Four Years

      An artist in Providence, Rhode Island was apprehended the other day by mall security as he left the secret apartment he'd built almost four years ago, in an unused utility space in the mall's parking garage. The apartment had no running water (they used mall bathrooms), but it did include "a sectional sofa and love seat, coffee and breakfast tables, chairs, lamps, rugs, paintings, a hutch filled with china, a waffle iron, TV and Sony Playstation 2," according to the Boston Globe.

      The man built the apartment with the help of seven other artists, and various people have lived in it over the past few years for up to three weeks at a time. The artist's website about the project offers both an explanation of the "installation," and a couple of long-winded apologies that sound suspiciously court-ordered - or to help him avoid getting the crap beat out of him the next time he's pulled over for speeding, and includes this "thank you":

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  • NewsGuyX
    • I'm making Veggie Soup. VEGGIE SOUP!!!
      Page: 2
      The part you do with the insta pot would be the chicken. IF you bone out the chicken and roll it up to bake, but remove the connective tissue, organs, bones, everything but the meat and skin, you can put that stuff in the insta pot along with maybe the celery and onions, that would work well.

      There does come a point where you're throwing away a lot of time on some soup. It's soup, you know? I figure soup is worth an hour and I want to get about eight servings out of it. One now, and seven in the fridge and freezer. Picking up a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket is a good time saver.

      I came up with the stick mixer deal about a year ago. Take a couple inches of water in a two quart saucepan, bring to boil. Add enough frozen veggies to comfortably submerge the veggies. Lid. Bring back to a boil. Add natural sea salt or other unprocessed type of salt. Immediately blend, then serve. Five minutes from frozen to puree'd. This should not take all day long. You're not going to save a lot of time with an insta pot.

      If you start with a rotisserie chicken, this whole thing should take less than half an hour. Boning out the chicken and grilling it is kind of a project, and you don't end up with a plastic clamshell with a bunch of chicken juice.

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    • The downside to homebrew
      Not surprising. Im born/raised in PG/Montg counties, respectively. Md govt has always squelched growth of anyking, sans themselves, since iwas a wee lad. Still miss ol Md, nice place to grow up back in the day. Would pay $1000 right now for a chaps pit beef, 2 natty bohs that were actually brewed by NBC, and seat in the bleachers at camden. Make it $2000.
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  • Gutt PileX
    • Income Tax you getting a return or paying up
      Yes.... FUCK HARVEY.... house trashed lexus toyota also trashed.... harvy should be code named for NIGGER

      Where ur move from? fuck traffic, houston sucks nigger balls...dallas even more so.. thinking i'd be happy making chump change at a simple place in a small town... like opening a bait shop or working at ace hardware.... i hate this city living shit, fucky this congested city shit, be happy u were renting, easy to move on.
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  • Double Fisting ItX
    • Gonts: This Vault Dweller?

      Now just come up with a fancy-ass new word for "Cheetos" and the redboarder lifestyle will be fully glam!
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  • Dot587X
    • 9 signs of male insecurity that turn women OFF!
      Well that's the thing. Assuming you're talking about the office hens: you don't. Ever. You just don't do it.

      No office snooch is worth risking your livelihood and possibly your entire career over. I don't care if its lined with black velvet and she shits gold medallions when she cums: don't do it. Ever. Not once.

      Women have got men in a precarious position these days: all a woman has to do is hint that she was harassed or treated inappropriately by a man and the show is over, he's already tried and convicted. And who runs most HR departments? Exactly. The burden of proof is placed upon the MAN to prove he didn't harass or assault the whore every time he stuck his dick in her or did/said things she CLAIMS he did but actually never fucking happened at all.

      Women and men are different. Men are conditioned to accept rejection as part of the pursuit of snooch because...well, it is. Just because you want to bang a chick doesn't mean she's obligated to smash with you. Women are conditioned to believe all they need to do to secure a mate is to express interest and let him do the pursuing. If he doesn't start pursuing then she figures he's not "getting the hint" so she ups the signals until it's at the point where she's practically climbing on you and shoving her asshole in her face. Consider the way a female cat in heat does exactly this as part of the mating process.

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  • Fuck God in the AssX
    • Craigslist Champs - 19 March 2018
      This "mother" looks about sixteen years old. Pics.

      Please help a desperate mom (Chino Valley)

      I am a mother of two baby girls and just need a little help. My boyfriends grandmother is moving back in with my boyfriends mother and we wont have a place to stay come may. Either need help finding a cheap rental or a place to stay. I have a steady income and hit hard times. Please help. I dont have any animals just my two daughters.
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  • Jack BriscoX