• Craigslist Champs - 12 October 2017

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    • Ryan - bullshitter, scammer, or perhaps both. He might want to contact Jerry. Bet Jerry would welcome the company. Ryan and Jerry could be up shit creek together.


      Need place to stay (Kingman or near by)

      My name is Ryan. I've posted a few other ads asking for help with a place to stay. I was staying with a friend while I was getting situated out here after moving from N.Y. I got sick and lost my Job and then got kicked out of my friend's place because I was not on the lease. I have two interviews tomorrow, so hopefully I won't be unemployed much longer. However, at this time I'm still technically homeless and would appreciate any help that anyone could provide. If you can't help with housing, would you atleast consider donating a small amount of money to my PayPal account so that I can atleast continue to stay in a motel for now. Anything helps. Thanks in advance for any help anyone may be able to provide. God bless. Please no scams or offers for places I can't afford, as I have made it clear I am technically homeless and unemployed momentarily. Hopefully to change soon. Text or reply for PayPal link. Can't post it in here.
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    • Fscking Moron
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    • So many losers in the world. :sad:
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