• BREAKING: SCHOOL SHOOTING IN SPOKANE/ INJURIES. We haven't had one for a while. Tired of hurricanes and Roosians.

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      • Woo Hoo! Are all the crisis actors in Florida and Texass?

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        Multiple injuries have been reported and a suspect is in custody after a shooting at Freeman High School in Rockford, south of Spokane.

        Dozens of vehicles including ambulances and a LifeFlight helicopter responded to the scene.

        First responders were urging motorists not to use Highway 27 so that ambulances and other vehicles could get through, KHQ reported.

        A Twitter user named Christina posted a photo of children sitting on the floor of a classroom at about 10:30 a.m. with the caption: "At Freeman elementary currently. I am a junior, evacuated from the high school. At least 4 shots."

        An automated warning that was repeated on law enforcement radio channels said, "Freeman High School. Gunshots or stabbing. Stand back."

        Spokane Public Schools said on Twitter that all schools in the district are "being placed into modified lockdown as a precautionary measure."

        Annie Baxter, whose two daughters attended Freeman Middle School, just across the street from the high school, said in a phone call that children were running into buildings when she pulled up to the school area at about 10:15 a.m. Classes were about to begin because it's a "late start" day, Baxter said.

        "They did a modified lockdown drill yesterday," she said. "I thought it was weird because they wouldn't do (a drill) two days in a row."

        Baxter said she's now being held in a multipurpose room with about 30 other people in Freeman Elementary School, which is also nearby. She said she was told that at least one person was shot but is expected to survive.

        Baxter also said, "I saw someone carrying a gurney into the elementary school but I didn't know why."
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      • Fscking Moron
      • Re: BREAKING: SCHOOL SHOOTING IN SPOKANE/ INJURIES. We haven't had one for a while. Tired of hurricanes and Roosians.
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      • guess the race on the suspect?

        probably white :sad:
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