• You did it Hans.

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    • Fscking Moron
    • Re: You did it Hans.
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    • yari posted:
      The banners will finally drive me off the board

      Good. Fuck off CUNT. Bye then.
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    • Re: You did it Hans.
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    • . posted:
      no one cares. her vagina is old and means nothing. plus, no sense of humor, no interesting threads, or comments, nothing useful for years.
      so you, poster need to marry her and pay all of her medical as she gets more and more ill for the next decades.
      thanks in advance wrongly sympathetic fucker.


      I call bullshit.

      The fact I am the only liberal who ever argued Hans to a standstill without getting banned has to be worth something.
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    • Re: You did it Hans.
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    • Gruntled posted:
      Yari, do as I did and turn them off using the built-in feature. It works.

      You cads lambasting Yari... He/She/It/??? is a valuable member of this Dreg Dive whose contributions are critical for keeping this cesspool of idiocy functioning.

      Stay, Yari. It is your duty to humantity.



      Yup, they are off.

      Should have known he would have built that in.

      There is no pleasing the folks on this board.

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    • Re: You did it Hans.
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    • Ronald McDonald posted:
      She barely even posts here. I haven't seen a post from her in months. She's sick anyways. Probably got AIDS from fucking so many niggers.

      No AIDS.

      But I am sick.

      Which is good for the dot earlier, I figure I only have about a decade left, maybe less.
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