• Imagine if your name was Dick Monster!

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        Posted 08/09/2017 06:03 AM : Edited 08/09/2017 06:09 AM - Hide
      • it's as good as reality winner, storm roof, al gore, dick cheney, george bush, etc.. Notice there are almost no real names left in so called information economy? Not talking only about america or brexit. Same story here in lithuania. Most of the names are fake. To make it interesting some of those names are obviously designed so the bearer wouldn't have survived the bullying and teasing in public schools unless they have some super powers of special forces commandos from comic books. So it's a clear signal that they are some sort of landed gentry. I speculate all those short names is some sort of orchestrated campaign trying to covert the world human terrain so it resembles one in china with one billion people bearing surname "lee" or vietnam with "Nguyen". Of course "emojis" serve as some sort of new universal language. Foundation for new language of hieroglyphs.
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