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        • OP.nli
        • Trump Team! Post your signed Trump Cards! Bonus if its a limited edition Trump Black Card!
          Posted 01/02/2017 10:42 PM
        • 'Thank you for accepting your limited edition Trump Black Card! We hope you will carry this card proudly knowing that you have stepped up to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming our next president.'

          'Mr. Trump's campaign is about restoring faith and prosperity for ALL Americans. It's not about any single person. It's about all of us, as citizens, working together to preserve and defend the greatest country in the history of mankind.'

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        • .
        • Obama's assertion that he would have won "if I had run again" is less a slap at Trump than it is at Hillary.
          Posted 12/27/2016 02:18 PM
        • She's no doubt pissed abut it!

          Why would he come out with that now?

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        • No.fakeNews
        • Obama says he could have beaten Trump if allowed to run a third term
          Posted 12/26/2016 11:17 AM
        • Due to his high approval ratings.

          But then the polls showed hillary was going win also.

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        • .
        • Obama has to be the lamest lame duck ever. Trump has overridden, emasculated and pushed him to irrelevance in three weeks.
          Posted 12/23/2016 07:08 AM
        • And he is still a month from taking office. :lol:

          Never seen anything like it.

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        • Is this a TRUE STORY
        • CROOKED HILLARY and CORRUPT OBAMA have TEAMED UP in a last-ditch effort to DEFEAT PRESIDENT TRUMP!!
          Posted 12/14/2016 09:02 PM
        • SURPRISE! White House And Hillary Tied to Electoral College Scam Against Trump

          The Democrat establishment has become disgustingly inbred. Everywhere, Clinton and Obama's dirty paws are moving their people around, and this case is just one more example.

          Megaphone Strategies is the firm backing faithless electors. The firm was co-founded by former Obama green jobs special advisor, Van Jones. One of four board members, Vien Truong, headlined a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, as per Daily Caller.
          Diane May, the firm's communications manager, worked for Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign. Another co-founder, Molly Haigh, worked for Obama's presidential campaigns.
          Haigh has been outspoken about her dislike of Donald Trump and the Republican Party more generally.

          She has placed the blame of Trump's victory on the Republican Party's "racist, misogynist, xenophobic fear mongering."
          In fact, not only do these key players in Megaphone Strategies have close ties to Obama and Clinton, but only two employees in the whole organization don't have direct ties to these two top Democrat politicians.
          Sponsored by Revcontent

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        • .
        • DOE refuses to name employees who worked on O-energy "policy" for Trump transition team
          Posted 12/13/2016 02:31 PM
        • :rofl:

          Who do they think they are? Is this Juicy name male or female? How about the nuclear option to drain the swamp - TO EVERYONE AT DOE, YOU'RE FIRED! Just eliminate the DOE, eliminate everyone in it, then create a new cabinet post with a new title and start over.

          "DOE Refuses To Name Employees Who Worked On Global Warming Programs
          12/13/2016 | Michael Bastasch

          The Department of Energy won't be handing over a list of employees who worked on global warming issues to President-elect Donald Trump's transition team.

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