• UKunt schools spend millions on "Brain Gym" which says kids can exercise your brain...by rubbing themselves.

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      • As you will remember, Brain Gym...costs a packet and comes attached to a bizarre and entirely bogus pseudoscientific explanatory framework. They tell you to rub either side of your breast bone, in a special Brain Gym way called Brain Buttons: "This exercise stimulates the flow of oxygen-carrying blood through the carotid arteries to the brain to awaken it and increase concentration and relaxation. Brain buttons lie directly over and stimulate the carotid arteries." Through your ribcage. Without using scissors.

        They're keen on drinking water. Fair enough. But why? "Processed foods," says the Brain Gym manual, "do not contain water." Is there water in soup? No. "All other liquids are processed in the body as food, and do not serve the body's water needs." This ridiculousness comes at very great cost, paid for by you, the taxpayer, in thousands of state schools. It is peddled directly to your children by their credulous and apparently moronic teachers.
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