• i never eat out

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      • Just inconvenient and a waste of time and money.

        and you don't know if there are rats scampering around the kitchen

        or if the chef bothers to wash his hands after going to the bathroom.
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      • Re: i never eat out
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      • I stopped eating out a couple of years ago.

        I don't get sick like I used to anymore either.

        If you eat out, you are eating the germs of the people who handle your food before you eat it.
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      • Re: i never eat out
        Posted 01/11/2017 11:26 AM - Hide
      • There is a substantial amount of trust in others when you eat vittles prepared out of your sight. You are also trusting a long chain of food handlers all the way back to the fuckers planting or raising the shit.

        I shun imported food. I ponder the advisability of eating seafood shipped in from overseas. Most to all of it is frozen. Was there even one moment when the freezing mechanism broke and the shit thawed and sat awhile before the freezing recommenced? Do you trust the fuckers to toss all that now contaminated food away?

        That "farm raised" fish in foreign lands. Notice the horrid pollution levels afar. What is in the water the fish you will eat was raised in from a pup to the day it died to create wealth for a gook and dinner for you?

        It is amazing that more fuckers do not fie from ingested shit.

        Of course, some of the ailments will make you wish you were dead while undergoing the rigors of full-blown food poisoning that leaves some poor fuckers crippled/incapacitated for life.
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