• Obama Freeing Gitmo Detainees Who Vowed to Behead Americans

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      • Re: Obama Freeing Gitmo Detainees Who Vowed to Behead Americans
        Posted 01/06/2017 02:31 PM - Hide
      • Hmmmm.... release Moslem scum thus allowing them to become a target for multiple methods of killing Moslem filth?

        No, must be some other rationale. Traitor Obama will not act in a manner dangerous to his brethren.
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        • VP_Spiro_T_Cheney
        • Obama ==> Dow 20,000! The greatest equity bull market in American history, a once in a lifetime chance to gain wealth
          Posted 12/20/2016 12:13 PM
        • Dow currently up 86 to 19,969 after 28 consecutive quarters of gains

          You're welcome.

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        • OBAMA changed the AMERICAN LANDSCAPE and --->
          Posted 12/05/2016 01:31 AM
        • Over the past 8-years PRESIDENT OBAMA has filled our pockets with GOLD NUGGETS, he has completely TRANSFORMED AMERICA, and brought get WEALTH to our NATION! He has made our CITIES and TOWNS CLEANER, SAFER and more SECURE! We, the AMERICAN PUBLIC, are sooOOO MUCH BETTER OFF IN 2016, than we ever were back in 2008! PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA has fulfilled all of his CAMPAIGN PROMISES and MORE!


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        • .
        • Obama has FAILED - Most Americans Don't Believe in 'Scientific Consensus' on Climate Change
          Posted 10/04/2016 11:33 PM
        • Nearly three-quarters of Americans don't trust that there is a large "scientific consensus" amongst climate scientists on human behavior being the cause of climate change, according to an in-depth survey on "the politics of climate" released Tuesday by Pew Research Center.

          According to the survey, only 27 percent of Americans agree that "almost all" climate scientists say that human behavior is mostly responsible for climate change, while 35 percent say that "more than half" of climate scientists agree on this. An additional 35 percent of those surveyed say that fewer than half (20%) or almost no (15%) climate scientists believe that human behavior is the main contributing factor in climate change.

          BLAH BLAH BLAH why do the libs keep pushing this fairy tale when everyone knows it is not working?

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        • Gruntled
        • Obama opens up the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History with a call for unity
          Posted 09/30/2016 09:01 AM
        • Obama opens up the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History with a call for unity

          That thread has disappeared. Has the dive been hacked by Obama-loving jack-booted thugs? Has political correctness infested the cesspool?

          Did the feds burst into the Hans Hovel and, with semi-auto weapons firmly pressed against his virginal flesh, order him to delete that thread?

          What the fuck is going on here?

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        • .
        • Obama sends 400 million is cash to Iran in non American currency
          Posted 08/03/2016 12:31 AM
        • Streaming on Fox YT

          wtf man. what kind of currency was it then? and what currency do the muslims use? was it in euros?

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        • .
        • I can't believe that Obama really said this. Does he know anything of American history?
          Posted 07/30/2016 09:59 AM
        • "I can say with confidence there has never been a man or woman - not me, not Bill, nobody - more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America."

          You don't say, Mr. President? So why don't we size up her, uh, qualifications, eminent as they might be, compared to some of the prior, lesser 44 occupants of the office.

          Dwight Eisenhower was the Supreme Allied Commander. Hillary ran the Bimbo Eruptions Unit.

          Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. Hillary wrote "It Takes a Village."

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