• It's really sad how Hillary has to pay people to show up to her rallies

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        • President Donald Trump
        • Posted 08/01/2016 04:43 PM
        • http://i.imgur.com/DkMDPR7.png

          As Republican nominee Donald Trump was set to take the stage at the Greater Columbus Convention Center today, some amid a line of hundreds of supporters stretching down High Street were upset they were denied entrance, some saying the campaign issued too many tickets.

          The Trump campaign claimed it was politics causing the capacity issue. But officials with both Columbus fire and convention center officials said the event capacity was set at 1,000 people by the city fire marshal on Friday and the campaign knew that.


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        • Posted 07/29/2014 05:59 AM
        • The protests against illegal immigration flared up in an unusual place this weekend when more than 5,000 people rallied in Boston, Massachusetts, an area that has historically voted for Democrats.

          Organizers hope the surprisingly large turnout will set the stage for a new wave of protests planned for Saturday in Tennessee and two other states.

          It was not only the size of the Boston crowd and its enthusiasm for the issue but it's location in a "blue state" that has organizers of this Saturday's protests excited.

          "I think it's a sign of the times, a symptom of the problem we've got going on here. I think it shows this illegal immigration issue goes beyond party politics," said James Neighbors, founder of Overpasses for America and one of the groups organizing the protests.

          Read more in thread...
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        • Posted 07/28/2014 06:42 PM
        • Sarah Palin has started her own subscription-based online network.

          The Sarah Palin Channel, which went live on Sunday, bills itself as a "direct connection" for the former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate with her supporters, with "no need to please the powers-that-be," Palin says in a video mission statement on her channel's home page.

          Membership is set at $9.95 per month or $99.95 for a year.

          Maybe if she does some camwhoring.

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