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Both registered users and unregistered users can set a variety of options relating to how the board is presented. Some of these options include: turning on/off emoticons, inline YouTube videos, color schemes, quick reply, etc. Setting your profile settings does require cookies and are tied to your registered moniker (should you choose to register).

Change your profile settings.

Work-Safe Mode

The Safe URL is the version of the board with images disabled. In addition, inappropriate emoticons are also filtered out from appearing.
You may access the safe version of the board at the following url:

Mobile Mode

The mobile mode is the version of the board optimized for mobile displays.
You may access the mobile version of the board by click "mobile" under settings + at the top of the page.

Lost Password

Please remember or write down your password. For security reasons we do not recover lost passwords. An optional recovery question is offered at the time of registering. If you forget your password, ONLY YOU can recover it. DO NOT post a thread complaining because you can't log in.

Supported bbCode Tags

The following bbCode tags are supported:

  • [b]bold text[/b] produces bold text
  • [i]italics[/i] produces italics
  • [u]underline[/u] produces underline
  • [s]strikethrough[/s] produces strikethrough


bbCode [url] tags are not supported. To make a URL appear as a link, simply paste any URL that starts with one of these protocols, followed by a blank space, into your post:

  • http://
  • https://
  • ftp://
  • ftps://
  • news://
  • mailto:

Images, Emoticons, Embeds

Inline images and bbCode [img] tags are supported as well as:

  • For Vimeo videos, insert the Vimeo video identifier between the [vimeo] and [/vimeo] tags, when posting the clip.
  • For InstaGram, insert the InstaGram identifier between the [instagram] and [/instagram] tags, when posting the instagram.
  • For LiveLeak, insert the LiveLeak identifier between the [liveleak] and [/liveleak] tags, when posting the liveleak.
  • For YouTube, insert the YouTube identifier between the [youtube] and [/youtube] tags, when posting the youtube.
  • For Imgur GIFV, insert the URL identifier between the [gifv] and [/gifv] tags, when posting the gifv.
  • For images, you use the URL of the externally hosted image between [img] and [/img] tags
  • Examples:









    Imgur GIFV:



Note: Twitter links are auto embedded without the need for tags.

If you do not wish to view inline images in posts, change your profile settings.

If you do not wish to view inline images and you don't have cookies enabled, use our "safe" URL:

Emoticons are supported. Refer to the emoticon list to see which bbCodes produce which images. If you do not wish to view emoticons in posts, change your profile settings.

Category Awards

Awards are given out for topics started in specific categories. If you want credit for a specific topic, here's the keywords that each of them match against:

  • Video matches against:

    Topics that include [youtube], [vimeo], [liveleak] tags.

  • Picture matches against:

    Topics that include [img] tags.

OP Mode

If you're registered and want to dot out when you start a thread such as an ask me anything or something that you don't want to post regged, there is now an option to flag any replies you make to the thread as Original Poster (OP). This only works if you're logged when you start the thread. This feature is optional and your replies are only flagged as OP if you check the OP button when making a reply to that thread.

For an example: see here.


If you are experiencing a problem with the board, please contact a moderator in a Private Thread (You must be logged in).

  • MOD

If you send a PM to MOD, all moderators will be alerted and can view the PM.

Special References

There's plenty of common everyday terms used on this forum, however these ones are pretty unique:

  • 14th & Minna - Place where you'll get your teeth knocked out. FC reference to "chef".
  • 169% - Better than 100%, it's 169%.
  • Alpha - A guy who can land plenty of women.
  • Beta - A guy who can't land women because of social inadequacies.
  • Dotting Out - Posting as a "." or unregistered moniker/nickname.
  • FIXT - When a poster "quotes" you with a veiled insult of your original post. See also FIFY.
  • Gont - Short form for Gontleman. See Gontleman.
  • Gontenegro - Derivative of Gont. See Gontleman.
  • Gontleman/Gontlemen - FC reference to typo'd "Gentleman/Gentlemen".
  • Hen - Slang for a woman.
  • Milton - Pop culture reference to "Office Space" character, Milton.
  • Motorcycle - Correct motorcycle or this is the correct motorcycle. FC reference to being 169% correct.
  • Rex - Outrageous topic title intended to get you to click with :tyrone: emoticon to let you know that you've been trolled.
  • Trev/Trevor - Usually an IT geek who works in the server room. A beta.

Please feel free to PM Hans with more suggestions.


There's plenty of acronyms that could represent multiple word combinations, however on this board the following ones mean this:

  • AYRTS, IA - Are You Really This Stupid, Is Anyone?
  • DIGTBK - Damn, It's Good To Be King
  • DNT - Do Never Test
  • FC - FuckedCompany
  • FIFY - Fixed It For You
  • KSFB - Kill Self, F*ck Body
  • TFB - Typical Female Behaviour
  • TNB - Typical Negro Behavior
  • WAYSA - Why Are You Still Alive?
  • YAF,R - You're A F*g, Right?

New acronyms will be added as they become popular.


In general, there are very few reasons that you will ever be banned. Some examples are:

  • Any violation of our Terms of Use.
  • Flooding, spamming, streching, view count bots, other bots, etc.

We do not ban anyone for exercising their right to free speech.