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    • Daily TNB: Niggers didn't like their order, so they decide to gang beat restaurant owner
      That morbidly obese sack of worthless round CUNT in the pathetic shorts should have a rope tied round his wrists and attached to a police car, then driven round town at 10 mph. When he can run no more (after about 25 feet by the look of the fat worthless CUNT) the police car should continue driving, until the gas tank is empty.

      It is the only way IF America is to survive.


    • Stinky Splibs
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    • >> 06/24/2017 03:06 AM : .
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    • Where was the MSM coverage?

      Trump supporter stabbed 9 times after political rally

      "Trump supporter Tony Foreman is in intensive care after he was stabbed nine times following a "free speech rally" in Santa Monica, California, on Saturday.

      Now some are claiming the June 17 stabbing is a hate crime because they claim Foreman was targeted for his pro-Trump views. The stabbing reportedly came after he left a sanctuary-city protest.

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  • GruntledX
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