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    • When rabid biker pulls gun on bikers guarding the stage

      Talked with a couple Angels in front of their club house on the edge of the east-side industrial area on the south part of town. Dong the used auto parts delivery thing and was having a helluva' time finding the firm to deliver half a car to.

      We stared at the map and pondered the delivery address and eventually we all said "Fuck it" and to just wander around until the place was spotted. Fuckers didn't offer a beer or doobie. I was parked in front of their place at the end of a dead-end street and was unaware of what it was until they came out to check me out.
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  • GruntledX
    • Norfolk VA -- Police promoting a nigger to "good" status cleared - fambly be crapping theyselfs

      There was a lot of strip clubs in East Ocean View. The two that come to mind are Cheetahs on the corner of Little Creek Road/Shore Drive and the one (I forget its name) which was a blue cinder block building on the corner of 9th Bay.

      Alas, the Jolly Roger was before my time, though some of the old guys in my club can tell some stories about that place, the Sportsman's Bar further up towards Granby and Doc's Pizza.

      Fuck the Boones. I hope that shitfucker Ronnie Boone Sr enjoys his federal prison cell and his wife Judy chokes on a relapse of her ass cancer.

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  • EightyOneX
    • MLK march covered by local media
      Any white who prances alongside niggers in a dead monkey parade deserves to have the living fuck beat out of them. Whenever I see that shit I find myself wanting to make a trip to the emergency room to have my boot removed from somebody's ass.
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