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    • Muslim girl walking by the UK carnage and not a single fuck was given that day
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      Groovy video.

      It would be comical to see that and other Moslem wenches in chains and sent to the tin mines... or coal mines or whatever mines England has left. Maybe shoveling pig shit at a hog ranch would be good. The male Moslems can simply, humanely disappear forever. Basic Western kindness unlike Moslem filth who too often revel in inflicting pain. Raise a 150-ton weight with a flat bottom 50-feet into the air. Place Moslem filth upon a flat hard concrete surface. Sedate the scum so they have no idea what is going on. Drop the weight... SPLAT!!!

      Akin to swatting that mosquito on the wall with your rolled-up newspaper. Do you young dreg fuckers even know what a fucking newspaper is? Fuck.

      A quick painless death. Us Westerners tend to be less cruel than our avowed Moslem foes are. Let's stay that way as we exterminate our despicable enemies. Fuck. Why let the sluts live. Fuck that. Women's rights!!! Equality!!! Kill the Moslem cunts alongside their filthy male cohorts.

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    • If mankind reset and started anew today, who would be the slave class?
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      I post on dead internet message boards, but this is not one of them. F169 board has tons of traffic. And I can't admit to being what I'm not. I'm 100% non-white. I'm half Chinese and half Indian. But you are right about me being smelly. On average, I wash about once a month.

      And just so you know, I don't hate you pink pedos. I'm very thankful you are around to pay for my welfare, give me free housing and food stamps. No other race on the planet would be pathetic enough to allow a grossly obese parasite such as myself to mooch off them. I only survive because of your weakness. Your weakness is how I sustain myself.
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