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    • Is Hillary really human?

      Trump ran and End-Around on this Witch and all of her sleazy minions.

      He spared us all from at least four years of unimaginable Hell.

      No matter what else he accomplishes, for this act alone, his face should be on Mount Rushmore.
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    • >> 03/28/2017 08:47 PM : .
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    • President Donald Trump Tweet of the Day...
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      March 28, 2017 at 7:54 pm

      "Nobody ever told me that politics was going to be so much fun," said Pres Trump in welcoming Senators to East Room reception tonight.

      - Mark Knoller (@markknoller) March 28, 2017
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    • >> 03/28/2017 08:46 PM : .
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    • Johnny Rotten "Trump a political Sex Pistol"

      He has several. I believe Don Letts is their father.

      "There was some awful shit written about me a couple of years ago. That was SO bad and SO hurtful and it was insane to accuse me of this: racism. How do you explain that to my Jamaican-born grandkids who were living with us at the time, because their mother Ari [Foster] of The Slits who died of cancer recently, and god bless her soul, had to listen to this and all of Jamaica going, 'What are they talk about, John?' You know?"

      Regarding a rumour that his wife was seen 'with her black lover', Lydon elaborates on the lack of accountability for the rumour mill, explaining that "Her 'black lover' was my grandson. And there's no kickback or making up for such a lie... You work for the press: why can't I stop such an obvious lie? You know the answer, don't you? Because nobody wants to print the truth, because that's not what anybody's interested in, right? And the hurt and damage... We laughed about it later - years later - but not at the time."

    • curbstomp
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    • >> 03/28/2017 03:30 PM : .
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  • curbstompX
    • Shaffer: Trump Wiretap Case 'Worse Than Watergate

      Former CIA officer Col. Tony Shaffer said the basics of President Trump's claim to have been "wiretapped" are likely true, and that the incident is "worse than Watergate."

      Noting it has been exactly two weeks since Trump tweeted that President Obama wiretapped his namesake tower, Shaffer said the "basic fundamental idea and claim is true."
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    • >> 03/26/2017 03:25 PM : .
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    • weak white cries infront of superior gooks
      OP must feel really bad about his kind in order to put down someone who is superior. You don't see him on here 24/7 starting threads putting down niggers or chinks. That wouldn't make him feel better about his shortcoming. Only putting down his superiors makes him feel better.

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    • >> 03/26/2017 01:50 PM : .
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    • Karl Rove speaks on the planned filibuster by Schumer over Gorsuch for SCJ... history lesson
      One other thing Rove said about Feinstein: He was very complimentary and called her a normally very levelheaded person. He was surprised by her attitude during the Gorsuch hearing.

      I don't know why Rove was so kind to her - I found it a bit .. odd and interesting to hand her a compliment.

      (Feinstein tried to trap Gorsuch with some question about the "little people" and Gorsuch just ate her for lunch and handed it back to her, she was totally owned.)
    • Karl.Rove
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    • >> 03/24/2017 08:10 PM : .
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    • Stupid MSM

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    • >> 03/24/2017 09:13 AM : .
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    • Israeli Jew arrested for making threats to US Jewish centers.
      and now they are trying to pass these hate crimes laws in Indiana, sickening to watch how many of these paid cucks are in the government doing whatever the jews tell them to do to get their checks. Or even more sick, they do it for free because they're illiterate zionist christians who've never read the bible or what it actually says about jews. Can't blame them, only 1% of churches ever preach anything the bible actually says.

      they ban proselyting on the streets and then banks build all the big churches now so christianity is totally controlled by the state, these big churche siphon off any would be followers or might go to small churches. You can bet any small church meetings of real believers are monitored and watched by snake-people
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    • >> 03/23/2017 03:29 PM : .
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