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    • So Huma and the Weiner Break up was all For Show Done for Hillary PR
      interesting...wasn't he the head of her election committee? and Huma was her personal ass-istant. what a three-some. back when the pedophile story first came out it was pretty 'far out'. Now, with Hatti, the Comet Pizza interest, the spirit cooking, and the black young girls 'missing' in Washington DC. thought of JonBenét Ramsey this morning and all the pageants that are going on. pedophile hors d'oeuvres. it gets sick quick.
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    • Secret Service - THREE megafailures in one week
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      March 22, 2017

      Another man tried to charge the White House Tuesday night, but this time he was caught, and not just by the Secret Service. TMZ has learned at 10:50 PM, a man tried jumping the fence on 15th Street, but, according to the Secret Service, he was "entangled in security features affixed to the top of the fence." Congressman Jason Chaffetz put it in more common parlance for TMZ ... "He was up there dangling on the fence, and the Secret Service grabbed him." Chaffetz says as far as he can see, protocol was followed on this one, but all the details are not in.
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