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    • ABQ news - caption this one: "another evil gun saves the day!"

      ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE/CNN) - A New Mexico homeowner caught a burglar breaking into his home and, with the help of a neighbor, restrained the suspect with duct tape until police arrived.

      Albuquerque Police said surveillance video captured Mark Thompson breaking into the home, and then getting a little too comfortable inside the residence.

      In the security video, Thompson is seen casually walking around the house Sunday afternoon, putting on a jacket, and even turning on the TV.

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  • TrollsteinX
    • Alex Linder says -Cops are scarcely better than niggers.
      Some may wonder: Why are top level leaders [Satanic minions] of Western Civilization, from pope on down, deliberately sabotaging/destroying Western Civilization ?

      It's because you have to break eggs to make an omelet.

      The NWOrder/world government is the "omelet" that is being made,

      and ALL "sovereign" nations are the "eggs" that must be broken to make it.

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  • curbstompX
    • BLACK on BLACK CRIME is KILLING all of U.S.
      BLACK on BLACK CRIME is KILLING PREDOMINATELY BLACK COMMUNITIES all-over AMERICA: http://dailyherald.news/3-teens-steal-car-kill-6-year-old-child-in-back-seat-black-lives-matter-silent/

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