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    • Craigslist Champs - 21 July 2017
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      This has to be a joke.


      clean & sober coffee guy looking for roomie with a spot for me (sunset park)

      I ain't out to brag, but I have done a lot of traveling in my day and staying couped up in the middle of someone elses life is miserable, but what else can you do, when you are looking for a place for an unknown amount of time and the money at hand is so, well, short. I prefer to feed myself, not even a girl can do that for me, they always eat rice, mhm, mhm, no questions about that. Anyways, I got $99 dollars for the first month and then I promise to pay, my future friend a whole $100 dollors I demand to see first and refuse any other offer. If you like cigars and fish stories, I might have on, too. dodgers fan, 44 yr old male, no job
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  • Jack BriscoX
    • Craigslist Champs - 20 July 2017
      But Justin likely never gets on his feet, just sits on his ass in YOUR front room.


      WILL WORK FOR ROOM just until i get on my feet (beaumont)

      Hi my name is Justin, Im looking for a place to stay until i get on my feet. Its just hard when i dont have somewhere to stay. will work for rent no weird crap. just house and normal job work. Im quiet, learn fast, and keep to myself, thank you.
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  • Jack BriscoX
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