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    • Boy George Defends Melania Trump from 'Mean-Spirited' Attacks

      English pop singer and fashion icon Boy George defended Melania Trump against "mean-spirited" attacks from women who he says have harshly judged the First Lady's former modeling career.

      "I was criticizing people this morning for attacking Melania and saying horrible things," Boy George told the Hollywood Reporter at the Dior Homme show on Saturday.

      "You know what? As somebody who has a past, I think it's really wrong and mean-spirited of women to be so abusive," he added, further noting that the First Lady's Herve Pierre-designed inauguration gown "looked amazing."

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    • Celebs - Long Overdue hot Street Shitters Thread
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      I'm just at the point where I can't deal with indians anymore. The men are a bunch of little bitches and the women are a bunch of delusional retards that think they are supermodels when in reality they are the ugliest chicks on earth.
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