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    • I work in an IT department and the boss wants to cross train everyone
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      Well, corky, that's because the thread is about the IT job market, and those of us grownups who have had jobs in and around IT for the last decade or two (plus) have watched as our industry has been absolutely decimated through the offshoring of jobs to (mostly) India and the onshoring of cheap foreign replacements from (mostly) India.

      Yes we know it's not the Indians at the top of all this, and at the root of it all we can find the rich (mostly) white CxOs, boardmembers, and of course some jews. But the Indians themselves are what many of us have had to deal with in our day to day jobs as they shit up our workplaces and divide our teams.
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    • >> 03/30/2017 02:16 AM : .
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    • Illegal alien raped 7 year old girl
      We weren't giving him enough financial support. We should make consenting 7 year old pussy available to all "future citizens" so that this doesn't happen again! Which hombre is up for some PIZZA? Bagger taxpayer treat!!!!


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    • >> 03/29/2017 09:15 PM : .
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    • What? Its just an ice cube

      Oh look, the ever-present unemployed fat basement looser with no skills, no education, and no job rolls out of bed to start another day of shitting up the board with his low-iq comments and emotes.

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