• joos aligning wiff nazis

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      • "I am a Jewish nationalist first and foremost, but Jews are white, so naturally I recognize the logic behind white nationalism," said Jonathan Stern, a New York-based Kahanist.

        Uhm, every single White Nationalist I've met draws the line at Jews. ANY Jews.
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      • Re: joos aligning wiff nazis
        Posted 03/20/2017 08:07 PM : Edited 03/20/2017 08:07 PM - Hide
      • "Stern said Kahanists drew inspiration from France's extreme right, the Brexit vote and President Trump's election."

        Actually, they should also include Bibi's come from behind re-election from 2016. Like Trump, Bibi was behind in the polls but did a last ditch effort and spoke directly to the people, which gave him a surprise win.
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