• Why are sikhs in the US so defensive of muslims?

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      • Is it because they get confused for muslims by idiots? Sikhs and muslims despise each other. I go to a sikh temple on occasion and there's art in it depicting their conflict with islam, some really graphic, like some guru getting scalped by muslims for refusing to cut their hair.
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      • Re: Why are sikhs in the US so defensive of muslims?
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      • Not all do. But yes there are many of them who think Muslims are their friends. This needs to be the subject of Phd psychology thesis. It's the same in India as well, with so many Sikhs defending Muslims because they think Muslims are an oppressed minority. However, it's evident from history and the the present that the Muslims hate the Sikhs as they hate all non-Muslims.

        Whereas a good deal of them have always loathed the Muslims for the persecution they suffered under Muslim rule. When the sepoys mutinied against the East India Company in 1857, the Sikh kings and chiefs sided with the British instead of the mutineers because one of the main agendas of the mutiny was re-establishing the Mughal dynasty in India and the Sikhs were aghast at the idea of a Muslim ruler returning to Delhi.
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