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    • I apologize for the downtime after my message yesterday.
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      What the FUCK is going on? I got up this morning, board down. F3 saying you've pulled the plug. What a CUNT'S TRICK I thought.

      Went to work.

      Just got back, tried the site, et voila, the cunt is up and running. And you purport to know NOTHING about why it went down :hmmm: BOLLOCKS.

      Anyway, Thank FUCK it is up! F3 was SHYTE!

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    • Hans
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    • >> 08/17/2017 11:02 AM : Hans
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    • This guy rips college to shreds with illustrations
      Akins proved that you don't need a college degree to be a success... he found someone to help him fill out the forms and now he sits back relaxing and collecting a sweet $600 a month in disability!!!
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    • >> 08/17/2017 10:46 AM : .
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    • President Trump CRUSHES that psycho poofter Lindsay Graham.

      Negative. All he has to do is warn Graham that he will release video of him prancing around in women's lingerie and Lindsay will bend to his will.

      Graham has the mistaken belief that no one knows about his limp-wristed poofter credentials.
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