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    • Where was the MSM coverage?

      Trump supporter stabbed 9 times after political rally

      "Trump supporter Tony Foreman is in intensive care after he was stabbed nine times following a "free speech rally" in Santa Monica, California, on Saturday.

      Now some are claiming the June 17 stabbing is a hate crime because they claim Foreman was targeted for his pro-Trump views. The stabbing reportedly came after he left a sanctuary-city protest.

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    • ITT recount in graphic detail the first time you made love and the circumstances surrounding it
      I was 18. It was with this weirdo guy at my gym who gives himself bulb enemas over a trash can. He typically did it in the bathroom alcove where he thinks no one is watching. He sort of grunts and moans, says its part of a free and clear fitness plan. I thought it was kinda nasty. After awhile I started getting totally hard. I'm not gay, I chanted to myself.

      One day I decided enough was enough. I hid in the trash can, burying myself in paper towels. Maybe a half hour passed and finally the guy was there. I was all numb end stuff. I looked up and before i knew it his gaping maw unleashed a waterfall of chocolate moose into my goateed mouth. It spattered my face, my eyes and I cried aahhhh at the bliss of it. I said it too loud cause he jumped and I heard peanuty goodness spatter the floor. :poo:
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    • I drilled my neighbor
      I didn't think I could jerk off thinking about this, but then I found where OP made a recording of it:

      and then JIZZ!!!
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