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    • Southerner here. What's with yankees flying the Confederate flag?
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      What is it going to take for a shithead like you to get it into his head that the battle flag isn't "the Stars & Bars"?

      What does it take?

      How do you know that the individuals who fly the battle flag are not sons of the Confederacy?

      Or how do you know they're not Southern sympathizers?

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    • >> 10/16/2017 12:21 PM : .
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    • Any of you guys ever join

      We could use this thread to organize F169 matches (if there is interest). Lichess is anonymous; requires a username and any ol' email address (which isn't public and will not led to any spam that I've seen). There are a few chess players here. What deployable said is similar to my story; used to play a bit, not competitively, getting back to it as a minor hobby kind of thing.

      I'm not, oh what's a good way to put this.. any good. But I enjoy playing very much.
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